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  • I cannot copy my C drive to a floppy, CD, or extra E drive.  Says preparing to copy and then when starts to copy begins the "do you want to replace" part, I say yes to all everytime it asks but it always stops on pagefile-sys or pagefile.sys and ends the copy process.  I have not backed up my system in quite awhile due to this, and DO NOT like it!!!  Anyone who has encountered this problem please advise.  Previously had the same problem with hiberfill-sys or hiberfill.sys, found a patch, but not for this one. 
    Thanks in advance
  • First, you should not be using floppies to back up a computer. That pagefile.sys file is several hundred megabytes, so you'd be up all night putting diskettes in. LOL!!!

    Do you have a CD-RW drive? What system model?

  • When we purchased our Dell we knew that the drives had a history of crashing within a year or two, so we had an extra drive (E) added.  This pagefile-sys will not even copy to the E drive and it has about three times the memory that the C drive does!!  I had tried to copy to CD but the same situation occurs.  We have the Dimension 2400.  I know right know I would like to kick the #$%^() out of it! LOL.
  • Isn't pagefile.sys what used to be called the swap file?  If so, I don't believe Windows will allow you to copy it because it is in use.

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  • Ok, now that you've given a couple more details, let me explain.

    You cannot copy the page file under these circumstances. This is a dynamic file, changing size and content constantly. What you want to do is a great idea, but you'll need software to "clone" the entire drive. Acronis True Image is one program that can do this, as can Ghost, Casper XP, and many others.

    If this system is pretty new, you have a utility called PC Restore for restoring the entire drive image exactly as shipped. With enough savvy, you can actually back up the restore partition and save it to restore your system.

  • I'm not sure if it was or not.  You can't copy it because it using the file to copy?  Ain't that a mind bender.  Any suggestions?


  • Are any of those programs you mentioned on somewhere that I can dowload?
    On the other hand if I try to do the PC Restore is will copy as shipped, not what I have added or any updates, is this correct?  We purchased this system July 2004.
  • Sorry, I'm not suggesting you run PC Restore, but you can save the image file. The instructions are here. This takes a bit of computer savvy.
  • Hi! setthehook here.  Sorry I could not follow those directions.  Like I said I am computer challenged.

    But I sure appreciate your help!

    Thanks, again!


  • As I said, your idea to back up your drive is a good one, but you'll want to look for drive backup or drive imaging software.
  • Okie doke! I appreciate it! Sorry I am so computer ignorant or I would have been able to follow your directions.



  • I recommend using Norton ghost to make a image of yore c drive and you can make yore own restore CD's but you would need a DVD rw drive so you don't need 50 CD-r to restore a computer
  • That's what I use. I have the older version of Ghost that runs off of a single floppy disk. The only Symantec program ever worth using, IMHO.