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Reformatting and Reinstalling Windows XP For Dummies!

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Reformatting and Reinstalling Windows XP For Dummies!

  • Well, there are alot of people who question how to reinstall Windows XP, until recently I thought it was hard to do and scary. My computer got infected with a worm and I had to Reformat and Reinstall Windows XP. Congrats to me! So here is a short little tutorial for all to see, and it is very easy to understand. *I am not responsible for any damages for your computer becuase you didn't follow this tutorial correctly*

    Step 1
    -Back-up all important information. I sent all my important information to my Modded Xbox HDD, some methods to backing up would be using alot of CD-R or CD-RW and put any Media, Documents or Folders on them. Another alternative would be using a Flash-Drive. Also figure out if your system uses Fat32 or NTFS.

    Step 2
    When your computer starts you should see a screen saying DELL on it, when you see that screen press F2. A gray screen should come up, look for "Boot Sequence" or something similar to "Boot Sequence." Another screen should come up press "+" and then enter. Then press "Esc" and it should ask you to choose from 3 options, press the one that reads, "Save and Exit."

    Step 3
    Now put in the "Windows XP Operating System CD." Now reboot or Hard-Boot the computer a black screen should come up asking you to run from cd or not, press any key when this screen appears.

    Step 4
    Now that you have booted form the XP CD wait for it to load the drivers and you should come to a screen that reads "Welcome to Windows XP Setup" at this screen press F10.

    Step 5
    After you press F10, you should come to a screen that wants you to type code. If your system uses Fat32 type "Format C: /fs:Fat32" (without quotation marks) and if you use NTFS type "Format C: /fs:ntfs" (without quotation marks). Now it will ask you are you sure oyu want to do this, press that "y" key. Now wait for it to reformat that HDD, this may take a while depending on the size of your HDD.

    Step 6
    After its done reformating, press the "Enter" Key. It should reboot and when it ask you if you want to boot from the CD, press any key. It should boot from the Windows XP CD again. This time do not press F10 instead press "Enter" this will take you to a Windows Install screen, it will want you to choose what format you want "Fat32" or "NTFS." Select what you used before in the above Step, select either Fat 23 or NTFS and press enter and then follow the Windows Install Windows. After this it should start installing windows, when done installing windows, go to your new Desktop, btw since all you information has been erased it will look blank.

    Step 7
    Look through your CD's until you see one that says Device Drivers on it, stick it in the CD drive and a Windows screen should pop-up and click on Drivers it will search your computer for Chip-Sets and so on. Wait and then a window should come up and with text and some of the text will have checks buy them, click on "one" of the checked ones and click "Install" on the page that comes up now it should come up and ask do you want to "Open" or "Save." Click Open or else it will not install. After its done installing one of the drivers restart your computer and go back to your desktop and keep installing the Drivers with Checks by them. ***do not install the Drivers that are already installed!***

    Step 8
    Get all the information or programs that you backed up and put it back on your system.

    Step 9
    Your done! You just reformated and reinstalled windows! Guarentee any problems you had before will be gone, and the computer will run like lightning!

    This tutorial was made by Dark Strike and is for use by anyone.

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  • Actually, that will not get rid of all viruses.  When you go through and format the hard drive, the registry is not cleared.  I formatted my hard drive, and when I was done, the virus was still there.  Then I formatted the registry, and the problem was solved.
  • so, do i need to create a backup cd since only the viruses are being purged and not the programs?
  • How can there be a registry to format after formatting the Hard-Drive?????

    I assumed that if you delete the partition, format, it was like new again.

    I had this saved:


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  • DarkStrike wrote:
    Well, there are alot of people who question how to reinstall Windows XP
    Not that this subject hasn't been addressed here in far greater (and much more accurate) detail already, mind you...
  • Reinstalling XP

    Many thanks for your lucid description of the process. Like you I imagined the process to be daunting, but a stab at it was as least as good as paying somebody. I plucked up some of your courage and lo.. the whole thing went well. Took a long time, but all OK now.

    It's quite surprising that vendors seem unable to give such clear instructions.