Windows XP logoff "Session Controller" hang

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Windows XP logoff "Session Controller" hang

  • XP Media Edition, when logging off an identity, system hangs and end-program dialog box appears, "Session Controller ID" not responding, click Cancel to return to windows, Click End Now to immediately terminate, you may lose any unsaved work, etc...  We all know what they say...  Any thoughts on this?  Thanks in advance.
  • hi itsacomputerafterall

    try these steps out
    (1) Click on start > control panel > click on Internet options click on Deleted cookies ok, click on delete files and put a check mark on deleted offline content and click on ok, click on clear history and click on yes.
    (2) again under internet option on the top right click on advanced look for Browsing and under that look for Enable third -party browser extension if it has a check mark uncheck it and then click on apply and OK.
    (3) click on start > run > type in prefetch then click on the edit button on the top left click on select all and then press the delete button on the keyboard
    (4) click on start > run > type in msconfig under general put a check mark next to selective startup,
    on the top right click on services at the bottom there is a ok button just above it there is an option called Hide all microsoft services put a check mark next to it and then cleck on disable all and click on apply at the botton right. after that again on the top right click on startup click on startup and click on disable all and click on apply on the botton right and click on close it will ask U to restart the computer so click on restart
    if this also does not work download spyware doctor / spy sweeper  from the internet to see if UR system is infected by spyware { it is a FREE TRIAL  software }

    good luck and god bless

  • Thank you so much but no luck, I got the popup again and saw something I didn't see before, "dlc d" after "Session Controller," searched for dlc d and found many files, all seem to relate to printer, using 944 with Dell 3300 wpa, two computers, E310 and Inspirion 6000 on home wifi network (I guess that part's obvious, not a tech :0), any thoughts about this?  Thanks again in advance.