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Sonic Digital Media LE v7 Update Manager installation package missing

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Sonic Digital Media LE v7 Update Manager installation package missing

  • My new Dell Computer (2 weeks old) came with Sonic Digital Medial LE v7 pre-installed. On boot-up I get the Windows Installer box saying it's preparing to install Sonic Update Manager. I then get the following messages: -- "The feature you are trying to use is on a CD ROM. Insert Sonic Update Manager & check ok." -- "Installation pkg. for Sonic Update Manager cannot be found. Try installation again using valid copy of the installation package UM.MSI" This goes around and around and after hitting "cancel" six times, it finally goes away. So far, the application appears to work ok. I can't do any of the above because my system didn't come with any disks for the application. I can't find the file anywhere and I don't remember deleting anything. I talked to someone in the Dell Chat site but she wasn't able to send me a disk for sonic Digital Media because it wasn't shown on the order. Should I just buy another disk burner/copier application and delet the pre-installed one? Help
  • Yes I have the exact same problem. My Dell Inspirion laptop arrived this week.  I powered it up for the first time.  After just a few minutes I got the message saying the Sonic update Manager needed to be installed.  So basically it came broken from Dell.
    Checking these forums I see that many people have had the same problem so we are not alone.  My suspicion is that the disk image Dell uses to blow onto the disks during manufacturing is flawed for Sonic.
  • Thanks for the reply!! I guess it's good to know someone else has experienced the problem. My final solution was to go into Add/Remove Programs and get rid of the Update Manager. It doesn't seem to have created any problems by doing so and at least I don't get the messages any more.Maybe Dell will come up with a better solution. Thanks again.
  • Same issue here. There were two copies of the update manager, I deleted one and it seemed to resolve the issue. I have an XPS M140 and I wonder if the issue has something to do with the fact I had them update me from XP Media Edition to XP Pro?


  • Interesting. Just curious: how did you get 2 copies of the Update Manager? I wonder if Dell ever hears about these things and if so, do they plan a fix; maybe not for us but for future customers.
  • I can only guess it happened when the set up the XP Pro.
    Support didn't seem concerned about it.

  • Same problem as this 2005 post.  What do I do to stop this annoying loop?  Are there updates that I need to install?