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Ati2dvag driver stopped working normally ----stop 0x000000EA (infinite loop)

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Ati2dvag driver stopped working normally ----stop 0x000000EA (infinite loop)

  •        dell 9100 media 
                   This keeps popping up on the computer and goes to a blue screen    (  ati2dvag driver  )
    the device driver got stuck inan infinite loop.problem with device itself or with device driver programming the hard ware incorrectly Stop 0x000000EA blue screen and freeezes.
     I have no idea whats going on and im back on my other computer  gateway since i can't use my dell i was on the phone with dell twice and did a restore but noughting changed we just got this pc hooked up yesturday
    The guy wants me to meet  him on line to down load a driver something like that then put it on a  floppy so i can install in it on the dell but im not sure about that i think i need to send it back and tell them to send me another computer paid to much money for this to happen im really upset about this:smileymad:

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  • If you are experiencing a problem with a corrupted driver than the problem is more likely with the operating system than the computer itself.  The Windows operating system is far from being perfect and things like this do happen.  Over the life span of the system you will probably encounter more "quirks" with that OS that will need fixing or tweaking.
    If you click here you can download that driver on the Internet.
  • Thank you but i can't even turn the computer on i'm using my gateway xp right now i just tried to call the customer service still closed:smileysad: im going to ask for a new pc i am not happy at all
  • I have a Inspiron 5100 and the same problem  as rockinrhonda...receiving the dreaded blue screen also.  This happened 2 weeks ago. I was working and all of a sudden everything on the screen becaue HUGE, like someone put a high power magnifier in front of the monitor. I restarted the computer and tried a system restore and it didn't work.

    I can only work in safe mode and can't access the internet to download a driver if that's what's needed.

    Can someone point me in the direction of which driver I need (if this is in fact my problem)? I have a Mobility Radeon 7500 card. Also hopefully this driver can be saved and burned to a CD-RW. Also some detailed instructions on how to accomplish this would be appreciated. 

  • Welcome to the club!!!
    I have been battling Dell for a good couple of weeks with the same error message. I have dont it all (reinstall drivers, updated BIOS, Restored etc...), nothing helps. Dell's answer to this is to reformat my hard drive and reinstall the OS. Which I cannot afford to do at this point. I am going to buy an external driver to do complete backup tonight, then we will see if Windows reinstall will help. I'll keep you guys posted.
  • Hi

    I believe I have this problem waxed. I'd been getting ATI2DVAG blue screens for a long time.

    However I haven't had ANY since installing the Intel INF Software installation utility.
    It basically gives Windows a whole bunch of info about AGP settings etc. The link I downloaded it from is:

    My system is a Dell Inspiron 8100 with ATI Radeon 7500.
    If you have a newer model than me look for a newer version of the INF utility on Intel's site.

    I'm using the latest Omega ATI (5.8) drivers.

    Let me know (by posting back in this thread) if this works for you.


  • !

    FunkyDealer, Your tip (to install infinst_enu.exe) seems to have saved the day!!! I have no more blue screen with the ATI2DVAG errors! THANKS. JdePillis