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Generic Bluetooth Radio

  • Hello people
     Could somebody please explaine to me, when installing a bluetooth USB device why i cant seem to find or choose the generic bluetooth radio, and why windows wont install it with its own drivers so not to use the software supplied, im running Service Pack 2 but it wont pick the device up and install it, the reason im asking is because i want to use Nokia PC suite and have it connect to my mobile through the dongle but im always getting a message saying "cannot use the connection type" even though the software would be installed and working fine.
    The software thats supplied with the dongle is the Bluesoleil v1.4.9.5, ive spent three days installing and uninstalling different software and drivers without success.
    My computer is the Dimension 4550 and ive tried useing the dongle on a dell laptop and the laptop was able to use its own drivers and the generic bluetooth radio is listed in the device manager and was able to connect to the mobile through the nokia pc suite
    Hope to hear from someone soon, Thank u        
  • i got 2 bluetooth radios for my laptop + desktop
    i spent a week fiddling with them, got connected once and realized bluetooth on pcs is to much work :)
    i dont know why it wont use the generic one, mine had a tuff time trying Not to use those
  • do you know what the generic bluetooth radio is and what it does


  • as a driver, the generic is just a "default" driver, doesnt support some functions on higher end radios but it will at least get the basics to work, hopefully
  • so any idea to what i can do to turn on or select this option as ive tried everthing i know to resolve this problem, would a reinstall of xp home edition help or upgrading it to another edition


  • well what i had to do was install the drivers, then go to the drivers option and click upgrade drivers, and do dont search, and let me choose and then chose the driver listed for it
    Said something like
    Generic Bluetooth
    MSCE Bluetooth Radio
    and i picked the second
    all i did
    did yours come with software?
  • mine did come with the software which is bluesoleil v1.4.9.5 but nokia pc suite wont connect through using bluesoleil drivers so i want to use xp-sp2 own drivers but they are not showing up when i try to select them my self and it wont install automatically like my dell laptop at work,with the laptop i just plugged the bluetooth dongle in and that was it, everthing was done for me so when i looked for what drivers that were being used in the device manager the list says bluetooth radios then i click on the tab to open it up and there ars two more listed, "Generic Bluetooth Radio" and "Micrsoft Bluetooth Enumerator" but thats not showing up in my device manager on the computer at home