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Windows XP and Wingding Fonts

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Windows XP and Wingding Fonts

  • I have a Dell 4600 Dimension with Windows XP pre-installed. I have had the computer a year last October, 2004 so it is out of warranty. My problem is that I cannot read anything on my Windows desktop. Everything and I mean everything from the "Start Button" and icons are in wingding. Even the applications are all in wingding. I cannot change anything because I cannot read it. It is all in Wingding font. Do I have to try to get rid of Windows XP and reformat my hard drive?

    Hopefully, somebody out there can help me.

  • Pat,
    I don't know the answer to your question, but I have a question for you!  I bought our 4600 the same time you did.  I am wondering what your Windows XP reinstall CD says.  I have found THREE blue Dell CD's and don't think any of them are for reinstalling Windows, but who am I?  How many of those blue CD's did you get and what does the actual Windows XP reinstall one say? I have found  "APPLICATION",  DRIVERS AND UTILITIES, and DRIVERS AND UTILITIES for the MODEM. 
    UGH!  I am dying here!
  • You should have 2 drivers and utilities disks, 2 application disks and one that reads Operating System. The operation system title reads "Reinstallation CD Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition including Service Pack 1a." I hope that this helps you.

    Someone also told me that in order for me to restore my system is to start it in Safe Mode and then go to Restore System. My problem is that I can't read anything because it is all in Wingding font. I just bed that I will have to remove Windows and reinstall.

    Let me know, if you need any more help.

  • I will try the Start/Control Panel/Display thing. It is just that everything is in Wingding and I am guessing as to which buttons to select.

    Thanks anyway.

  • I do the restore when rebooting, does that take EVERYTHING as if I reformatted?  I mean, every program I have installed....SP2....all will be gone?


    (and yes..that is CRUMMYabout the wingdings!  I don't even understand the point of those things!)

  • I just got it, Denny...thanks:)


    pat...good luck!

  • April: I Don't know if this will solve your problem, but try this: Right click an empty area of your desktop and select properties, then click the appearance tab, then click the advanced button, then under "item" you can select "menu" and "icon" and change your preferred font from there, then click apply and OK. If it's just a mis-setting then this should fix the problem.

    Carrie: I purchased a Dimension 4550 in January of 2003, and it shipped with a purple CD Rom labeled: "Operating System, Reinstallation CD Microsoft Windows XP Professional Including Service Pack 1.". The part number is P/N 6W896. One thing, however is that when I ordered my system I upgraded from XP Home to Pro. Maybe if you don't upgrade the OS you don't get the CD.
    Hope this helps.
  • April: At least on my SP1 Copy of XP Pro, here are the locations of the buttons your looking for, see my post above: After right clicking the desktop, properties will be the bottom most item, then the appearance tab will be the 4th tab along the top, then the advanced button will be the bottom most tab that is NOT in a line along the bottom but above the three bottom tabs that are in a row, then the items is the drop down list on the left. The Icon item is the 7th entry, and the Menu item is the 12th entry. Good Luck.
  • It will just restore from a date or point that you want to restore. No, it is not like reformatting.

  • I cannot get beyond the Start Button because everything else is in the Wingding font. I tried the System Restore but couldn't because all the words and instructions are in the Wingding font, so therefore I cannot read the instructions.

  • David

    Thanks very much. I will try it. You seem to have understood my problem that I couldn't read anything. I even tried it in the Safe Mode but it was all in the Wingding, also.