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System Idle Process at 100% freezes computer momentarily

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System Idle Process at 100% freezes computer momentarily

  • I have a Dell Dimension 4500 with Windows XP.  Now and then, more now lately, it freezes, meaning I can't enter anything but can move the mouse cursor.   After about 30 seconds, whatever I was doing, resumes and I have no trouble, until the next time.   I go into the Windows Task Manager and find the System Idle Process running at 98% or more.  System Idle Process is almost always the process taking up the resources. 
    There's  no warning, it just happens.  It was running slower, but I redownloaded and installed AdAware and changed from Norton to McAfee Anti virus and it found trojans and a virus Norton didn't.  That helped with the speed a little, but I'm still having trouble with the freeze. 
    Is this system supposed to run that way all the time?

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  • I usually run the disk clean up when I uninstall more than one program or have gotten rid of a lot of files.  I have IE set up so it deletes the temp files when I leave it.  I delete cookies and history less often, but I do it when I remember.  I just did a defrag yesterday and it found a lot of unused space.
    I am still getting rid of some spyware, Fastclick being the latest one, so I will download Spybot and run it.  I've been running Adaware every day, since I reinstalled it.  I had not been scanning for spyware because of a corrupted reference file, but Norton wasn't finding anything.  I turned on McAfee and it found a virus, can't remember which one, and several trojans.  Adaware found over 100 items and it finds 20 to 30 each time I run it.  I can live with it not as fast as it used to be, I'm not going anywhere, but freezing for a few seconds, is a real pain, especially during downloads and other goings on.
    I know enough about computers to fix easy to intermediate problems, but I know enough to know I don't know enough. 
  • Butchiemom, Did you uninstall Norton Antivirus before you installed Mcaffe?

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  • I uninstalled Norton before I installed McAfee.  That's one of the first lessons I learned about anti-virus programs when I bought my first computer and needed to upgrade the anti-virus program.