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"Unable to open this internet shortcut..."

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"Unable to open this internet shortcut..."

  • Hi,
    I have both IE & Mozilla Firefox for browsers, with FF as my default. I often save website shortcuts (or "deskcuts" in Firefox) to my desktop. Until recently, they'd work fine, opening up a new tab in the browser.

    Now I get this pop-up error message whenever I try to double-click a desktop url shortcut:


    I have no idea where to look in windows to rectify the issue. Anyone?...
  • Does this error happen in IE as well as Mozilla?
  • Neither browser responds regardless of which is the default.
    If I drag the shortcut to a new tab in the Firefox browser, it does open & I'd imagine something similar could be done for IE, however, I'm not concerned with IE. This is a Windows issue.

    If anyone can give me some tips as to where to go to associate a 'registered program with the protocol http', that would get me on my way...
  • Thanks for the reply, Denny.

    I found 'URL Internet Shortcut' in File Types, but it was already associated with "Shell Doc Object", so I wasn't able to change anything, even after pressing the
    "Restore" button. I attempted to enable Firefox as the registered program & then restarting the pc...nothing.
    I went back to folder options and looked for "http" as that is what's mentioned in the error message. It wasn't there, but I did find "htm" & "html". I tried altering the registered programs just sto troubleshooot, but that had no effect either, and I restored them afterwords.

    If it helps you any, this what the current details look like for the url shortcut:

    Here's what the properties of an actaul desktop shortcut looks like (note that there is nothing entered in the shortcut key bar):
  • I have the same problem and the same resalt.

    So change in Folder Options doesnt work.

    Any ideas?