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Runtime Error! Program:C:\ProgramFiles\InternetExplorer\iexplore.exe,abnormal program termination

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Runtime Error! Program:C:\ProgramFiles\InternetExplorer\iexplore.exe,abnormal program termination

  • Hey helpers
    I am getting really frustrated and I was wondering if anyone could help me cool down?
    In the past 2 weeks I have received the titled message randomly when on the internet. It occurs mostly when i click on links on web sites or in emails. This susequently only gives me the choice to select 'OK' which inturn clears all open iexplrer windows from my desktop and leaves me to start again.
    I have browsed forums, phoned microsoft and dell and still cant resolve the issue. I see many people are in the same position as myself with the same or similar problem.
    I have downloaded spyware, turned off firewalls, checked all my hardware with the disk as the nice dell lady prompted for 1/2 an hour on the phone and just given up phoning software support because its all useless. This problem is going to haunt my pc forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What is microsoft visual c++ runtime library and can i get rid of it because that is causing the problem by the look of things.
    Is there any suggestions out there?
    in my frustration i also turned off system restore which has deleted all restore points before the problem occured, think its me that needs help but ill see an nhs forum for that, in the meantime...........i am desperate :smileysad::smileysad:
  • Hey thanx for the reply.

    I downloaded that search and destroy one that a few similar posts mentioned. It found some spyware and i just deleted it.

    I dont have thAT KAZZA thing but i do have WinMx. could downloding anything from this have caused problems?

  • I have had WinMX on my computer for a couple of years without a problem. It should not cause an issue as long as you have a current anti-virus program and use Adaware and Spybot.
  • hey.

    I do have spybot but no adaware. ill try downloading that and let uz know what happens.



  • its no use, nothing seems to fix this goes away after i run spybot but just comes back if i turn the computer on the next going to write a letter to mr gates :(
  • Gordon_G,

    Download HijackThis, a malware analysis and removal tool, and submit the log it produces for analysis to one of the sites listed below.

    With the Windows Explorer, go to C:\, right click and create a folder named HJT. Unzip the downloaded file into the newly created directory, C:\HJT.

    After installing HijackThis.exe in the directory C:\HJT, run Hijackthis from that directory. Click on the 'scan' button and then 'save log' button. Save the file in the directory C:\HJT. Use a name like HijackThis.txt.

    Here are some sites where you can receive help analyzing your HijackThis log from trained experts. Note that the sites require registration before you will be able to post.

    Copy and paste the contents of the log you saved in a new message in one of the forums listed above. Be sure to describe the problem you're experiencing. DON'T ATTEMPT TO FIX ANYTHING REPORTED BY HIJACKTHIS without expert advice!

    There are lots more people with malware problems they haven't been able to resolve than there are expert HijackThis analysts, so please be patient. Please see the Alliance of Security Analysis Professionals (ASAP) site for a complete list of member sites providing support and assistance.