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an exception occurred while trying to run shell32.dll, control_rundll wscui.cpl

  • Does anyone know what causes this fault.  It comes up on clicking the security icon.

    On clicking Control Panel button I am also getting the message Windows Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close.  Presumably this is a connected problem to the one above.

    Does Dell have any guidance on loading Windows XP SP2 ?  Do they recommend it ?

    Dimension 2400 Celeron 2.4GHz

  • Hi there

    I  think you got this problem after updating your windows from SP1 to SP2 or you got it from Microsoft update.


    Insert your windows XP CD in your CD/ROM

    Now go to Start Then Run and Type:

    expand -r G:\i386\wscui.cp_ C:\Windows\System32 and hit Enter

    I think you should Copy the text and paste it

    PS: G Which mean its your Drive letter (CD/ROM) Change to what ever your letter is

    There is a space Between (expand and -r) (-r and G) and last between (wscui.cp_ and C:)

    Restart Your Computer, Hit back with result.

    Good LuckWink