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Error number: 0x8024400A

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Error number: 0x8024400A

  • I am receiving this error when I try to use windows update:

    error number: 0x8024400A

    windows update has encountered an error and cannot diplay the requested page.  you may find the following resources helpful in

    resolving the problem:

    windows update reponse center

    windows update troubleshooter

    windows update newgroups


    I have tried the troubleshooter and this error number was not one of the listed ones....has anyone else been experiencing the same problem or know of a fix?

  • I'm having the same problem.


  • I searched Windows Update Troubleshooting pages, Microsoft Search, Google and basically came up with zilch.  One reference on Google was a German site stating the problem may be due to being behind a proxy, with no solution.  If there was no other info provided in the error message, then this looks like one your going to have to contact Microsoft about, since they dont even have in their error data base yet.  Kip
  • I received the same error last night after I installed SP2 and went to Windows Update to see what else I needed.  According to the Windows Update Troubleshooter, this error comes up when SP1 is removed via System Restore or Windows is installed in the same folder as SP1.  You must then go into the registry and change a key value.  If you do that and If you then go back to Windows Update, it'll tell you that SP1 needs to be installed, even if you have SP2.  I'm going to reformat tonight when I get home from work and start all over again.  Apparently, either something didn't work quite right during my SP2 install, or, perhaps there's some type of glitch with Windows Update itself.  Since SP2 contains SP1, this error is perplexing.

    I'll post back either late tonight (eastern time) or Wednesday morning and let you know what happens.


  • I just tried windows update again and it ran ok.  It had me do a security update in which it redirected me to office update to complete.  I didn't do anything in the interim other that run a defrag earlier this afternoon.  ???????

    I've been running SP 2 successfully for about 2 weeks now and had been to the update site several times since then without issue.

  • Just a MS glitch I guess. All is well now.

  • Guess I didn't have to reformat after all.  Good practice anyway.  All's well with SP2 and Windows Update is okay.  Must've been an MS thing...


  • I was having the same error..

    I installed SP1,SP2,SP3

    and then tried again and it worked..

    You can google SP1-SP3 and down load them to install.