Unable to update McAfee Virus Scan

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Unable to update McAfee Virus Scan

  • Fellow users,

    I seem to be having problems updating my Virus Scan and keep receiving a "too many open handles" error message when my system logs on to the Virus Scan site. I've found their support site to be very confusing and wonder if anyone out there has any solutions. I have a feeling it has to do with registration but I can't get that figured out either. I'm running the software that came with my Dimension system.
    Any help would be appreciated...
  • Go to www.mcafee.com, click the "Antivirus" tab at the top, click "Update Virus Scan" in the middle of the page... IF you have upgraded to scan engine 4.0.50 before, then just download the "Virus Dat File (Free)", IF you haven't or are unsure, download the "Super Dat Engine Update Free"... Double click the downloaded file and follow directions.

  • Lots of people having problems updating VirusScan. I went to
    http://support.nai.com and got the updates there. Don't know if
    it's the same site you're having problems with; if not, try there. No one
    seems to want to tell customers that Network Associates Inc. is now
    handling all of MacAfee's stuff.
  • Thanks, Norm. I was also having trouble getting through to McAfee to update my definitions on my new system, but was able to do so by following Norm's directions.
    I agree, the McAfee site is confusing. The "Clinic" is apparently a service that advises you of all possible update files for your entire system. We don't need to sign up for that as we have a year of free updates.
    Just in case anyone else is getting the same error message, the error message I got when initially connecting to McAfee and sending in my registration information was "permission denied on object 'sp_register_customer' database 'RetailMESD',owner 'dbo'"

  • The Mcafee virus seems to be working after installing program, but of course after registering virus protection to recieve updates I was not authorized. Go figure.