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Dell OS Recovery and Restore USB key is not found for windows 8: Dell Inspiron 3520

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Dell OS Recovery and Restore USB key is not found for windows 8: Dell Inspiron 3520

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I laptop operating system is not working on first day of its configuration (it run only for 4hrs!). I called for technical support and they send me Dell OS Recovery and Restore USB key. When I connect the USB key and pressed F12 during startup, it shows some options like Windows Boot Manager, UEFI.... bu there have no USB key options! I tried for several times to get the USB option on boot screen. Then I called tecnical division again, they asked for money as I don't have software warranty! But, what type of software warranty is this if its not works on first day!? My only fault is that I didn't start/check the laptop right after purchasing. As I trust Dell, I thought it will be okay if I open the packet later! 

I am now very much frustrated about Dell Laptop and their technical supports! I was a blind suppoter for Dell, but no more Dell! 

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  • Hi paradism,

    Sorry for the inconvenience. Please find the initial step below to use the D-USB key to the restore the system to factory state.

    Boot from the Direct USB Key by tapping F12 at the Dell logo. Select the option under UEFI Boot which is either: EF1 USB1 PATH1 or Toshiba MSFT NORB PMAP. In case the "Toshiba MSFT NORB PMAP" appears twice under the UEFI Boot, then select the 1st Boot option.

        NOTE: Ensure that the AC Adapter is connected during the process, if you do not attach the AC adapter to the system, the system will prompt you to do so during the repair process.

    Further steps are self-explanatory. In case you need any assistance please let me know.


  •  Thank you for your quick response. Yesterday, I was able to go for boot screen by tapping F12 before your suggestion. But, today when I was trying after getting your response, I even unable to go for boot screen. When I press the power button, the screen stuck on Dell screen and at the bottom a circle is rotating (like as waiting sign). It is not showing any option like F12 or F2 at the bottom right corner of the Dell screen. That's why I am unable to go to boot screen by pressing F12.

    Waiting for your more suggestion.

  • I able to enter boot screen by pressing F12. I selected the 1st Toshiba MSFT NORB PMAP. Then a screen with windows 8 logo freezes for long time (I waited for 30 min). No other option is showing. How long should I wait to get proceed from this screen or any other options? Do you think the D-USB key is okay or any hardware problem?


  • Hi paradism,

    I’d suggest that you follow the steps mentioned below and check if the system turns ON.

    1. Switch off the computer.
    2. Disconnect the AC adapter from the system.
    3. Remove the battery from the computer.
    4. Press and hold down the power button for 15 seconds.
    5. Then connect back all the peripherals and check if you are able to turn on the system.

    Then try booting the computer using the DUSB key to restore the computer to factory state.

  • Hi Ravi,

    Thanks for your reply. I did according the steps you provided. After connecting DUSB and pressing F12, I selected Toshiba MSFT NORB PMAP. But then Wndows 8 logo appears and at the bottom of screen a white circle is spinning (usually busy symbol). I waited for 2 hrs for several times, it stuck on the same places every time. I m not sure whether it is DUSB problem or Hardware problem. Diagnostic test passed, so it is unusual to be a hardware problem.


  • Hi paradism.

    Please send me a private message with the computer's service tag, Name registered during the system purchase and email address so that I can check what can be done. To send a private message, click on my name and select start conversation.