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Buying Dell Inspiron 15R With Windows 7

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Buying Dell Inspiron 15R With Windows 7

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When I go to customize and buy a Dell Inspiron 15R, it tells me (when searching it) that I can get Windows 7. But when I go to buy it, it says that it's got Windows 8, but also comes with Windows 7. I REALLY want Windows 7. What OS does the laptop come with, and is there a way to get Windows 7 on it easily?

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  • This is the laptop I'm looking at.

  • Hi Howgreenismyvalley,

    This system is available with Windows 7 operating system. I tried myself and was able to customize the system with Windows 7 operating system.

    Let me know in case you need any further assistance.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Appu S
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  • When you customize and buy, where is the option to choose it with Windows 7? Or would I have to install it myself?

  • You have to shop the right business segment.  Windows 7 is not available on most "home" systems ... you need to shop the SOHO/business segments:

    Also, if you purchase Windows 8 Pro as the OS, then you have downgrade rights to run Windows 7 Pro under your Windows 8 license (you must procure the Dell Windows 7 media though - Dell will not provide this).  In this case, yes, you would need to install it yourself.  Windows 8 (non-Pro) does NOT have downgrade rights.

  • But the one I posted says it also includes Windows 7.

  • Oh, under Tech Specs?  It's a typo ... obviously (and sadly).