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DOS games/4100 Dimension/95 & 98

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DOS games/4100 Dimension/95 & 98

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Good Morning,

I have a question about older things; please don't laugh Sad

I need to know if I should be able to load Windows 95 into an old Dell Dimension 4100 [2000 vintage]. I want to run some old DOS games for my grandson to play and some of the music is pretty cool too.  I hooked up a freshly wiped 20gb HD for the task. Problem is, none of my three 95 discs are being recognized [95 install disc, 95 "Starts Here" disc, 95 Upgrade disc]. Just get the "Invalid diskette in drive A" message.  My Windows 98SE disc takes right off and installs like it should.

Any helping thoughts?

Thank you,


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  • Win 98 was oldest version of Windows Dell offered on the D4100. So it's possible the Win 95 disks have a different file format that isn't supported and/or the boot loader won't work.

    Won't those old games run under Win 98? I ran some old DOS programs under Win XP, at least until XP Sevice Pack 3 came out, so you might want to try the games with Win 98.

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  • 322buick

    See if the following can help,

    Installing Microsoft Windows 95




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