Factory Restore fails "Parameter is not correct"

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Factory Restore fails "Parameter is not correct"

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1764 (Windows 7) which is a little flaky after some virus problems. I want to restore it to factory conditions but the procedure fails with the error message "Parameter is not correct".

The procedure is to use the F8 during boot. Then select the option, "Dell Factory Image Restore". The next menu says it will restore to factory conditions and click "Next".

The next menu is a warning that everything on the drive will be erased and to check the box "Yes, to reformat the drive". Click "Next".

I get the error message, "Parameter is not correct". What parameter are they talking about? How do I get past this error?

An alternative procedure is to select the Command Prompt option. This displays the directory of the recovery partition, x:\windows\system32. If I navigate to x:\tools there is a program, pcrestore.exe, that goes through the same menus as above and also give me the parameter error.


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  • Could be caused by the method used to eradicate the virus. The Recovery partition might be damaged or missing. Your only option is to reinstall from disk. You can download the iso file to make a win 7 disk to boot to and use your activation code on the laptop. Here-- en.community.dell.com/.../3316.2-1-microsoft-windows-7-official-iso-download-links-digital-river.aspx

    Check the disk to make sure the hard drive is OK before trying to reinstall.

  • this link dont work no more can u provide a new one and email me or send me pm thank you

  • Hi CoOkIe87,

    Are you trying to do a factory reset on the computer or a complete Operating system reinstallation on the computer?

    Refer the following link which has steps to install Windows 7 Operating system on the computer:


    If you are looking for disks. use the below link to order back up disks:


    Awaiting your response!

    Thanks & Regards
    Rajesh R
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