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Dell Inspiron 570 Desktop, 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium sp1

I tried to find an answer on the Microsoft Support site, but saw that, since my software came pre-installed, I had to contact the manufacturer. So, although I believe this is a Windows Update problem, here I am.

After the May patch Tues, when I tried to save an emails to My Docs, they all save as as "WindowsLiveMail.Email.1". Windows cannot open these files. and neither can any other program on the "open with" option, my computer, or online.

After the May MS update, I used System Restore and all the saved emails once again opened with Windows Live Mail. So I "hid" the update, but this month, thinking they probably fixed  fixed the problem, I installed it. Exactly the same problem! Only this time System Restore didn't fix it.

Does anyone have any thoughts on why this is happening and how to fix it? My only thought is it might have something to do with my disabling Windows Live Messenger by adding "old" to its .exe extension. I was going to un-do that, but can't find the file (even though I have "show hidden files" enabled.

I'd appreciate any thoughts on this problem anyone might have. Thanks!



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  • Do you know what the Microsoft update number is that is causing the problem?  

    Winhdows Live Mail is not an OEM program, its a free Microsoft add on to Windows, as are any Microsoft updates.

    This forum is primarily a users helping users.  To get Dell OEM support for Windows, you would have to call them and pay for the support, as software support is only free for the first 30 days.

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  • Hi sgbrown

    Welcome to Dell Community

    Thank you for the clarity on steps you tried. Please also let us know if Windows Live Mail allows the email to be saved as "*.eml" while saving in Documents.

    It appears that the update may have fauled the file association. Before we conclude a failure in windows update, lets try few steps to correct everything we can within Windows Live Mail.

    *** Ensure you have backed up your email messages and contacts before attempting below steps ***
    *** Full system Backup is most recommended ***

    As a first step, you may try to reinstall your Windows Live Essentials. To uninstalled Windows Live components (

    Reboot your computer

    To download and reinstall Windows Live components

    Create a New User in your Windows, If issue persists (

    Logon to the new Account and check if you face same issue with Windows Live Mail

    Please feel free to respond with your findings

    Chandrakant Halarnekar
    Dell SMaC Professional

  • I appreciate your response...thanks. Guess someone at Best Buy installed it. I used to keep a written record of all MS updates I installed because the "official" description is so often hard to interpret. Guess I'll start doing that again.