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Hello, i have an Inspiron 530 running vista and i was wondering if anyone can tell me which services in Msconfig can be turned off if not needed. Thanks.

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  • Hard to say, depends on what is actually installed and what is actually in the startup.  There are many items that must be there.  Unless you are very savvy I would avoid messing with the Services section.   List what is in the Startup and we can better suggest if anything can be unchecked.

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  • I have selective startup  and these are in the list: Malwarebytes, Windows defender, 3 that say Microsoft windows operating system but they say different things under the command tab. That's all. How can i copy and list what's in the services section without writing them all out?


    WinPatrol has a free version. That will let you review services and programs loading at Start. You may be able to obtain information that way. The paid version is more comprehensive, of course. It will tell you what each item is and if it is needed.
    Also see Black Viper's info here:
    (Note Number Nine: Services)

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