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Need help to restore Dell Studio XPS to factory settings

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Need help to restore Dell Studio XPS to factory settings

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I have a Dell Studio XPS that is not working. I've been working with the Dell Software Solution reps, but we seem to be going in circles. My hardware seems fine but the XPS stops after a little use.  Have to use  "restore point" to get it going again.

So, I figure that the fastest and easiest thing to do is to get it back to factory settings.  But I'm not sure of the best way to do this.  I have all my data files backed up and I made recovery discs when I first got the computer. I have my program files.  Off course Dell didn't provide my Win 7 Premier discs.

I have Dell DataSafe, but I'm not sure what that really gives me.  I'm running it and it seems to enable you to copy your existing files from your HD to an external drive.  I could go buy an extra external HD and do this, but I'm not sure if it is a good idea.  Since I seem to have some problem with my XPS HD now.  Would I just be passing this problem on after the restore???

Would I be better to do a clean process to get my computer back to factory setting and then just invest the time to reinstall all my programs and data??

Ideas and help will be appreciated.



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  • Before you do anything, make sure your data is backed up and then determine if your hard drive is OK or not. A bad drive needs to be addressed before doing any recovery. Have you done the HD tests available in the BIOS, F12 at the boot screen.

    DataSafe should be OK to back up your data, but make sure it is actually backed up. There are other free programs available that do a great job; EaseUS ToDo Backup is pretty good for basic back-up.

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