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reinstalling XP on Inspiron 6400

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reinstalling XP on Inspiron 6400

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I'd like to reinstall Windows XP in my Inspiron 6400 laptop. I have been through the dell website on how to reinstall, but I do not have a partition for the operating system and do not have a CD either.

Anyone know how I go about getting the operating system on a cd?

Thanks in advance

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  • If you are in the US, HERE is the Dell form to request "backup discs".  If you are not in the US, contact Dell support for your area and see if they have a similar procedure. 

    If you are not qualified for the Dell disc (in the US) or the Dell for your area does not have backup discs you will have to buy a (legal ) Windows XP disc with a product key that can be activated.  You can download any needed device drivers from the Dell downloads using your service tag number.

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  • You can also borrow a disk from someone (if it exactly matches the version your Product Key is for), or you can buy one on eBay as well.

  • You need to get a Dell Reinstallation Microsoft Windows XP CD from Dell or from eBay.

    For this system you should also have a Dell Media Direct DVD.

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