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Boot Up Time..!!

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Boot Up Time..!!

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Sorry if this has been asked before , but i think my dell inspiron 15 r takes a lot of time to boot....

i have an i5 processor , 4gb ram. so i think it should  load pretty much fast but it does not..

it takes around 120 seconds and only after that i am able to use the laptop..

i have done running MSCONFIG and disabling the system services and startup services but then it takes more time... i know its odd but this is my observation....

also , it boots differently everytime :|
i mean sometimes the startup sound comes at the "starting windows" window and sometimes after all the icons have finished loading..

sometimes the icons takes more time  to load , the homescreen widget also loads randomly....

what to do..?? 

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  • Hi shikh,

    Welcome to Dell Community. That does seem a bit long. Has it always been like that, or is it just recently that this is happening? You had a performance issue with gaming back in November. Was that ever resolved? What anti-virus are you using? Some take longer to load than others. Have you run any malware scans?

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  • thanks for an early reply :)

    it has always been like this and back then i had no problem but another friend using the same laptop with i3 and 2 gb ram started quickly so thats when i thought something's wrong with my laptop...

    i am using McAfee Anti-Virus Plus... i did not stopped this in the startup services...

    no i have not checked for any malware , mcafee searches for spyware and viruses , never thought of malware.. will run a malware scan....

    coming to gaming issue , yes its been solved , i replied in that particular thread just now :D

    i observed one thing , whenever my laptop was charging , gaming was smooth , then i ran into battery plan settings ,

    and saw when charger was connected , it changed the battery plan to high performance and the games never lagged...

    but but , if i ever want to play any game i have to connect the charger , even changing to high performance without connecting the charger , the game lagged...

  • can any other user help me..??

  • shikh,


    Try reading...

    Windows startup programs. What are they? Are they required? How can I disable them?


    There is a chance there could be malware, also. Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware update it and do a quick scan. If it finds anything, post the log back here.






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