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Inspiron 15 - restore fail

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Inspiron 15 - restore fail

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I am working on a Dell Inspiron N5030 with Windows 7. Somebody before me tried to do a factory restore and it didn't work. Called me and I followed all the steps on the how to use the Data Safe restore. My only option apparently is to restore to "last full backup". I did that several times using different options for saving files. Computer is in a Restore/ Startup repair loop because the "last full backup" has a corrupt registry. I can't get the "Advanced system repair" using F8 option (safe mode is a choice but not advanced system repair). Using an external Win 7 disk with command line I was able to chkdsk /f /r /b and that seemed to take care of some bad sectors in the OS volume but how do I get to the actual factory restore? All 3 partitions are present. I tried holding 0 while powering up, ctrl F11, and F8 ..........

Any idea's?

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  • insert your OS backup CD. Boot it.After some time a window will be opened which sys "Install Windows". At the bottom of that there is an option called "Repair". Select that and the rest i think you can do.

    If this fail too the only option is to Reinstall a new copy of windows using your Backup CD.

  • There isn't an OS backup CD - this has a restore partition and I don't think the owner made a disk. I did try the "repair" but it keeps getting the corrupt registry and can't repair. Do you think sfc /scannow will work from the command line off a Windows 7 disk? Also, if I use a normal Win7 of the same type (Windows 7 Home 64bit, off the shelf that I use for repairs and not a dell disk), to do a fresh install then I could use the same product key that came with the computer?

  • Any other idea's or thoughts on this?

    Am I understanding that if I use the exact same OS (Windows 7 Home Prem 64bit) and do a reinstall, then I can use the same OEM key provided with the laptop?

    I am also having client fill out a form for the replacement disk due to the Dell DataSafe not working.

  • After Hours,

    Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum.

    If it is a Dell disk it should work. If it is a retail version of Windows then it would have its own product key code.