Windows XP Sound Driver for Studio 1537 AND How To Install Windows XP from USB flash drive on Dell Studio 1537

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Windows XP Sound Driver for Studio 1537 AND How To Install Windows XP from USB flash drive on Dell Studio 1537

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Ok, so I've finally managed to install Windows XP on a Dell Studio 1537 Laptop without a DVD or CD drive (it is broken and lappy is out of warranty). It was a heck of a time trying to install Windows XP from a USB Flash Drive, but after a few days I finally got it. If you're wondering how to do the same thing, I followed the instructions here:

I used a slip streamed Windows XP SP3 with SATA drivers.

It wasn't working until I watched this video a second time:

The key is to not panic when it gives you a "HAL.DLL" error when you reboot the first time during the install of Windows XP, and to continue not to panic if it gives you another Windows install error the second time you try to reboot after the first part of the USB Windows XP SP3 installation. Simply reboot and do the same (2nd - GUI mode) option and it will magically work! I also tried to do the first debug option and that may have affected it also. The exact options I chose to get it to work when booting from the usb flash drive are...

1) 1st option (text mode install step 1 of 2)

2) 2nd option (GUI mode install step 2 of 2) - here I got the HAL.DLL error, so I rebooted

3) 3rd option (DEBUG mode Disk0Parition2) - here I got some other error

4) 2nd option AGAIN (GUI mode install step 2 of 2) - then it continued the windows XP SP3 installation on Dell Studio 1537!!!

Ok - so WinXP is now installed. But there are no drivers for the XP that are listed on the Dell Drivers Page for the Studio 1537.

I search and find a thread, in this forum, about a solution...

It references a blog, here is the new url:


There they have links for a RAR file that contains all the needed Windows XP drivers for the Dell Studio 1537.

I installed them in order and all worked up until I got to the sound driver. It didn't work, so I just installed network drivers and now I'm here!

How do I install the sound?

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  • Installing an unsupported OS on a computer (especially one as old an obsolete as XP) can have several complications.  That particular sound device looks to be a newer one, many newer/modern devices are no longer supporting XP.  It just so happens that the sound device in the 1537 is similar to the sound device in a Precision workstation (as it is a business  machine, they often have drivers to support many different OS's for business compatibility):

  • You are sort of on your own when you choose to install an operating system that is not supported by Dell on a Dell machine.  However, the Studio 1555 appears to use the same chipset as does your 1537, and it uses the IDT 92HD73C1 audio.  No guarantee that it will work, so it's up to you.  The file is here:  Studio 1555 IDT 92HD73C1 Audio Driver for Windows XP.

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  • Jackshack's driverlink works. Integrated microphone is active again!

    You are awesome. I think you are actually the first person to find a fix for the audio drivers when OS is converted to XP. Created a new account just to give you a big upfor this one!