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Windows 7 drivers for Latitude D630

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Windows 7 drivers for Latitude D630

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I've just installed Windows 7 with SP1 64-bit on my Latitude D630 (with Intel integrated graphics, not nVidia).  The system comes up fine and all devices are recognized although the display refresh seems a bit funny at times.

I typically install a chipset driver right after OS install but see that Dell has no Windows 7 downloads for this laptop.  Should I use the chipset driver from the Intel site or stick with what Windows 7 installed?

Same question applies to video, Ethernet, WiFi, etc drivers....


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  • Is the wireless turned on?  If there is not a physical switch, try the keyboard (fn-Fxx) shortcut to toggle it on/off.

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  • If Windows installed a driver for a device, you are usually ok using that driver, but there are times when Windows thinks everything is fine, but the device just doesn't work - or doesn't work properly.  For example, Windows 7 on an Optiplex 330 installs and Device Manager shows everything is fine, but when you try to use sound/audio, it says it is turned off and can't be turned on.  Since the sound device on that system is not supported on Windows 7, it is necessary to load a Vista driver for that device.  If a device is not playing nicely, then Intel is probably the best place to get the driver ... occasionally mfg drivers are tweaked by the OEM for compatibility, so if you experience issues with the Intel driver, you might look for a Vistax64 driver.

  • This is interesting....I was just thinking about trying out the Dell Vista 64 drivers.  Will the fact that I'm installing this on an SSD cause any problems with going back to Vista 64 drivers?

  • No.  Drivers will not be affected at all by using an SSD.

  • Thanks!  So far I've installed all of the Vista 64 drivers except the video one (I picked up the latest from Intel's site) and everything seems happy except I still see some minor banding in the video during the log in / log out screen animations.

    I also haven't tried installing the driver for Intel Matrix Storage Technology (now known as Intel Rapid Storage Technology)....any idea if I need this?

  • Windows has the driver for the storage controller, which should be fine ... the only reason you would need MST/RST is if you want the monitoring application for your drive(s), which would probably give you less information about your drive than your SSD's mfg utility, or something like HDTune.

  • Hi,

    As other users suggested, it is perfectly acceptable to use Windows Vista drivers in any scenario where a Windows 7 driver does not currently exist. In most cases, the Windows Vista driver will prove to be sufficient. However, there still seems to be graphics troubles within your Windows 7 environment; it may be helpful to read the following Microsoft created Help and How-to Update a driver for hardware that isn’t working properly. You might also want to try to install the graphics drivers in particular within compatibility mode. You may want to download the latest Windows Vista drivers directly from Intel's Download Center which is available here.

    For your convenience I have included the instructions for Compatibility Hardware Device Drivers by Microsoft MVP, Ronnie Vernon, from the TechNet forums below:


    1. Place the driver installation file on the Desktop.

    2. Right Click the driver installation file and select Properties/Compatibility Tab. Select the appropriate options in from the list. In your case, you would select Windows Vista. 

    3. Click Apply/OK.

    4. Right Click the file and select the Run As Administrator option to install.


    Windows Outreach Team -- IT Pro

  • Guys

    I have installed Windows 7, 64 bit on my Dell Latitude D630 laptop. Everything seems to be working fine but it is not recognizing wireless signals. I have checked the intel  wireless adapter driver and the driver is working properly. As read from some blogs I have also tried updating the drivers used for vista but it did not solve the problem. 

    Can anyone suggest any resolution please?


  • Is the wireless turned on?  If there is not a physical switch, try the keyboard (fn-Fxx) shortcut to toggle it on/off.

  • Yes, that was the problem ! It is always good to start from basic simple things first :)

    thanks so much !

  • Glad to hear it.