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how to install Windows XP at a dell vostro 460 desktop.

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how to install Windows XP at a dell vostro 460 desktop.

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Does anyone have good experience with installing windows xp at a desll vostro desktop.
If so, please provide me the correct steps.


I got a bluescreen of deat during installation, referring to problem with accesing the HDD.
I believe this problem is related to intel sata raid drivers missing for xp at xp cd.

I use a virtual floppy drive to install the drivers via usb.


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  • soedesh,

    Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum,

    Can you priovide the vostro desktop model you are trying to install Windows XP onto? Can you also provide the error message you are receiving when booting to the disk?

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  • The system I am talking about is a Dell vostro 460. Officially Dell does not support XP with this model.
    But when reading online post at google, people  say it work only have some problem with audio some say.

    error code:0x0000007b (0xF78D2524, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

    This problem should be related to HDD recognition.


    How can XP be installed properly?


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  • You need the storage driver.  Since the XP drivers aren't listed on Dell's Support site (as XP is NOT supported by Dell on this system), you need to get it from Intel for the Intel H67 chipset (iata_enu.exe):*&DownloadType=Drivers

    This must be put on a floppy and loaded at the F6 prompt during Windows Setup (USB floppy drive is usually ok).  Since floppies are not a reliable media, I would suggest you use to integrate the driver into your installation media.  nLite will create a new CD in the process.  F6 will no longer be required when using a CD created with nLite.

    XP SP2 media (minimum) will probably be required for the chipset driver ... SP3 would be better.  You can also use nLite to integrate Service Packs.

  • Kudos to theflash1932 for this - helped me out immensely!

    His link did not work for me as Intel had apparently changed or removed it.
    I did find it here:

    Also, check out his original post here:

    His solution proved to be the only one I could find that worked in my case - thanks! Big Smile

  • ;)

  • I've got the same situation: trying to install XP Pro using the SP3 disk on a Vostro 460.

    I got created an F6 floppy using the drivers from the Intel site and also tried creating an installation CD, using nLiteOS, with integrated drivers for the H67 chipset.  Neither approach has worked.  I still get a BSOD immediately after the installation process tries to start windows.

    I suspect that the problem I'm having is not with the storage driver but with another driver; perhaps display?

    Any suggestions?

  • Is the BSOD 0x7b?  If so, then it can only be related to the storage (DVD, HDD, etc.).  0x7b is an "inaccessable boot device", which means that for some reason or another, Windows cannot properly access a storage drive that might normally be bootable (hard drive, optical drive, etc.), and the most common reason for this is that Windows does not have the proper driver (or a driver at all).

    When you create the disc using nLite, are you choosing Multiple Driver Files, selecting ALL that are presented, and then TextMode Drivers?  I'm sorry - just checking - but did you also extract the contents of the EXE/ZIP file?  (This is a very common mistake.)

    Are you installing XPx86 or XPx64?