Alienware m17x can't install Windows 7

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Alienware m17x can't install Windows 7

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I format all my RAID0 volume on my Alienware m17x (remove restore partition, os partition, etc...) I begin the installation from de original DVD of Windows Entreprise x64, all goes well, I format the drive, the copy of the installation files  of windows 7 begin, when the computer reboot I got an error message that said that Windows can't run on this hardware??

Don't understand!

Can someone help me!?



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  • Finally I found the solution to my problem! I go to download SATA Drives driver on the dell web site "Intel Rapid Storage Technology" from an other machine. I execute the driver and unzip in a directory named RAID Drivers, when the unzip was end i go in the directory RAID Drivers in this directory there have an other directory name "f6flpy-x64" I copy all the file in this directory on a USB key.

    I restart the installation of Windows 7, when I was at the step that ask me to format the drive, create new partition etc... I selected "Load Drivers", I insert the USB key select F: (letter of my usb key in the list) and click on browse, the windows 7 setup find the SATA/RAID drivers well, after I click on the next button to finish the installation and finally the installation process end well.

    On other forum people said to put Hard drive in AHCI or ATA mode in the BIOS so, I buy this notebook to configure my hard drive in RAID 0 so put them in AHCI or ATA mode was not a solution for me. So before I fix the problem with what I said in the previous lines. When I start the installation of windows 7 after the  format step, copying installtion file my system restart and I got an error message "Windows Setp could not configure Windows to run on this computer's hardware".

    What I understand in this problem is because Windows 7 doesn't include Controller RAID driver on installation DVD. So I must give it manually.

    P.S : Sorry for my bad english! I wisht that will help other people in the same situation.

  • Thank you for ur thread. I ran into the same problem. That helps.

  • See my Windows Reinstallation Guide/A Clean Install of Windows 7:

    Step 6 it explains it in more detail.

    Philip Yip


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