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Dell Inspiron One 2305 - Windows 7 problems - Factory Reset??

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Dell Inspiron One 2305 - Windows 7 problems - Factory Reset??

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Every few days, the screen on my Dell Inspiron One 2305 goes blank.. The only way out of this is to depress the power switch until the system shuts off the turn it on again and after the warning screen, start the system normally.  It works until the same thing happens again (time varies 1 - 4 days).. I have contacted Dell Online Support(system under warranty)  on 3 occasions and after them taking control of my computer 3 times and making numerous changes to settings / drivers.. the problem still happens.  The last time the technician said that I had to do a factory restore on my system because that updates from Microsoft have corrupted the OS.  That is a lot of work (I have backups) and program disks but is there a better way to resolve this?  Is there such a thing as a way to repair the OP system without starting from scratch again?  The local restore (not system erset to factory condition) only goes back to July 4th and the problem happened before then... The technician also told me to TURN OFF WINDOWS AUTO UPDATES  once the system is restored and working.  He said as long as I have a good AV program the Windows Updates were not necessary.. . Is this good advice?   Looking for more info / options before I start the total reset process. 

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  • As long as I have a good AV program the Windows Updates were not necessary.. . Is this good advice?

    No.  Other than for testing/delaying updates for whatever reason - or if the system is not connected to the Internet (why expend system resources if it won't be able to connect), it is never sound advice to ignore OS patches, no matter if your OS is Windows, Linux, or Apple.  If an update went bad, the damage is already done - there is no point in blocking future updates.

    When you go to System Restore, you said it only goes back to 7/4 ... did you check the Show more restore points box on the page that shows the Restore Points? 

    Depending on what you already did, you might make sure your chipset and video drivers are the latest from Dell.  You could also, as a last-ditch-effort experiment, try the latest version from your video card's manufacturer's website (nvidia, ATI, Intel, etc.).

    You might disable sleep and/or hibernation for a bit to see if that is causing it.

    You could also try running CHKDSK /R then SFC /SCANNOW (although may require your Windows 7 DVD, which you probably don't have) from the command prompt.

    If none of this helps, then a Restore is probably your best option.  If you do this, I would recommend that once you get all your data restored and programs installed, that you start making periodic system image backups of your OS using Windows 7 Backup or another imaging utility like EASEUS Disk Copy, that way if something else goes wrong, you can return the system to the state you desire, rather than "factory condition".

  • I have exactly the same problem. Dell came out and replaced the heat sink, the mother board and the transformer. This did not fix the problem. I asked for a replacement computer. They will only give me a refurbished Inspiron One. I don't want this unreliable computer. I asked for them to put the purchse price towards a more reliable model and they refused. Very unhappy with Dell's response.

  • I also have the exact same problem with an Inspiron One.  Every 1-4 days (sometimes a little longer if I am lucky), I return to my computer and the screen is black.  I cannot recover the system, although I don't see any messages in Windows Action Center that indicates that there was a crash of any sort - it seems to be a monitor issue.  And the only way to resolve is to power down and reboot.  I have used premium support - several tries to no avail.  I have also system restored.  I don't have the time to invest further and I definitely think this particular model is a lemon - especially after reading your posts.

  • I had the same problem and my computer finally just died. The screen went blank and now won't come back up. Talked to Dell for over a week and all they would say is you have to buy the parts. LED screen and mother board cost $550.00. All because the computer went down 3 weeks out of warranty. I had called them the entire year about problems with this computer. They replaced it once and that one lasted 9 months. The first 3 months. Have a letter ready to go to BBB. Dell computers are junk.

  • Which OS do you have ?? Do you have a backup CD(OS ) which you got at the time of buying ??or are you using a pirated OS ??

    I don't think that updates will corrupt an will only happen in case of a pirated OS. Even if there is a problem with the updates you can uninstall the update anytime you want.

  • The only OS disk I have or used was factory supplied and came with the original package.

  • I have the same problem with my computer.  I  sent it in to Dell (at my expense $39) and they said they had fixed it.  About a month later it began doing exactly the same things described above.  Called Dell they sent out a technician (at my expense $39).  He replaced the screen again and the motherboard and I believe graphics card.  Worked for about 3 months and just recently began again with the same problems.  Of course the warranty is now 3 months expired and they will only sell me the parts and charge me for a technician to replace them again.  I have owned several and  always had good results with Dell computers, but this problem and their lack of concern about repairing something that is a flaw in this computer will certainly send me to a different manufacturer for a replacement. 

  • My Inspiron One seems to have the same problem. I do not believe it is a software issue, one of the times just before my screen went blank, i heard a buzzing sound and then the screen went blank. I believe there is an electronic component that is heating up and knocking out the screen or the power supply. I'm very close to opening mine up to check out my theory. Wish there was a way of hooking up a second monitor, then I could see if it is just a dark screen or if computer is going out also.

  • I bought ten Inspiron One 2305 All in One PC's for my company around twenty two months ago. Now , several are having heating issues similar those described by above users.I have found that the CPU is getting too warm which causes the CPU to do a safety shutdown. Unplugging the power cord will reset the safety and allow a reboot. I will be cleaning the fan and heat sink fins as soon as I can get to it.

     I had checked the Dell website and applied the latest drivers and BIOS updates but this had not fixed the problem. I discovered this definitve cause after one of the 2305's started shutting down every ten minutes or so. I removed the back cover and discovered the cooling fan had stopped turning. Since the PC was well out of warranty, I replaced the bad fan with a used fan I found on ebay. That PC has been running for two months now without a problem.

    The replacement fan - a Forcecon DFS601005M30T, DC5V, 0.4A, 12CFM - is used on several Dell laptops and All in Ones, but I couldn't find a replacement part on Dell's website.

  • Same problem here. I suspect Flash - since it usually goes down during web sessions or flash games.

    Any thoughts on whether Windows 8.1 would fix?

  • What does "This Video will play in a new Browser" mean and what do I need to do to see the Video?

    Also, my computer goes blank every few days and I have to shut down the power and restart.

    Can you tell me what causes this and is there something I can do to keep it from happening?

    Thank you.


  • The Inspiron 2305 is a faulty computer. Dell tried to fix mine and then replaced it. The replacement had the same overheating problem and would shut down a randomly. Dell refused to back their poor product. I suggest you get a computer from another company like Hewlett Packard.

  • I removed the back  from mine  {2 screws }  and has not  shut down since !  the cooling fan is working fine.I believe that the fan is not big enough the handle the internal heating. or the design is wrong to allow proper circulation of air.