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iolo system check up

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iolo system check up

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So I went to the site and noticed something called Free PC Health Scan. I clicked on it and then the free check up button. This apparently is iolo technology. The system check up ran. It told me I had a slew of problems, mostly in the registry. At the top of the results page there appears to be a blue rectangular button that says 'Fix Errors Now". So I scrolled the mouse over the button, it indicated it was a link and I clicked. Nothing happened. It indicates it's a link but apparently it's not. Or is it? Can someone tell me how to fix the plethora of errors this program has detected if it cannot be done with this inoperative fix button. There is no other information or link that I can see on this results page other than the one that doesn't apparently work.

Thank you.

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  • Forget it.  Those registry scanners/repair programs are mostly "snake oil".  They can even do more harm than what they claim to fix.  

    There are a bunch of these types of programs around. There is one on TV now about "fix my PC" and they will really do is "lighter your wallet".

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  • I usually wouldn't touch these things for the exact reason you indicated. I guess I was taken in by the fact that it was perched front and center on the Dell support front page. Silly me, thinking by virtue of where it was situated that it was endorsed by Dell as effective/legit and that it was not one of those "snake oil" programs.

    Thanks for your help fireberd!

  • the Link goes to a 39.00 (10 dollars off) of IOLO system mechanic. I think dell is getting part of the action for "RECOMENDING IT"  and in turn you get a discount of the full retail price. (Im posting this for otheres that search for this information and Find this post )

  • I ran the  IOLO system mechanic from the link for a free check up at the Dell Support page on a brand new system. It found a ton of problems on the pre-installed Dell Software.

    I don't understand why Dell is recommending something that is shooting them down. If Dell believes that this IOLO thing is good, they should test their products with it before shipping it to the customer.

  • I bought that software back in april 2012 when I received my Aurora R4.  I saw it was recommanded by Dell.  It run ever since, scan my pc on a regular basis, always correct error in the registery or misaligned files on the HD.

    I never had any problem with it, but I'm wondering if the software is really doing any good to my PC's performance?

    Any input on that?

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  • I saw this advertised in Dell'sSpring catalog.  It said "free", and since I have purchased several Dell computors I felt it would be legit.  I went thru the process and ended up with the purchase page.  Not wanting to pay, I closed the page.  That was last night.  Today it showed up as a $38.97 charge  on my credit card which I never gave and the only way they would have that number is by my past accounts with Dell.  I've heard Dell has gone down hill lately, but this is boardering on Fraud.