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Help with W7 Dell Recovery to delete root virus

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Help with W7 Dell Recovery to delete root virus

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I have an Inspiron 545 desktop running Windows 7 (upgrade from Vista)

I had a nasty root virus (think it's gone now but want to be sure) and would like to reset to factory settings and wipe it clean.

In F8 > Repair > System Recovery I get the screen with "System Image Recovery"but then there is no recovery available, only option of inserting disc.

Tried inserting my original Dell drivers and applications DVD and the Windows 7 Upgrade DVD but neither work.

The Windows 7 upgrade DVD will let me run the setup.exe from normal desktop and I can click through to custom install. I am then asked which partition to install on.

Either Recovery (D:) or OS (C:).

Will reinstalling Windows 7 this way work and wipe it clean? Which partition do I install on, should it be the OS?

I don't have an original 'Vista' DVD, just the Dell one it came with, with drivers and applications.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Vicsterl36,

    Apparently, your original Factory Restore (Vista) is intact on the Recovery (D:). Unless you created a System Recovery image on Recovery (D:) with Windows 7, it has no image to restore.  

    If you do a clean install of Windows 7, it should be installed on the OS (C:) partition.  A clean install; i.e., booting from the Windows 7 DVD and reformatting your C: drive would most likely kill a root kitty.  However, an in-place reinstall; i.e., installing from the Windows environment might not kill a root kitty unless you instructed it to reformat the C: drive.

    It is possible to manually restore your system to its original "as-shipped" Vista configuration if you haven't reformatted or erased the Recovery (D:) drive.  You could then upgrade back to Windows 7 with your Windows 7 Upgrade DVD.

    You can request a Dell Vista Installation disk from here:

    You can download a Vista Recovery ISO from here:

    Note that this is a Vista Recovery DVD and not a Vista Installation DVD.  With it you will have a tool to manually restore your original Vista image if you so desire.  Also note that these are free .torrent downloads.  Direct ISO download links for a fee are also available on the above site.

    If you need assistance doing a manual restore of your original "as-shipped" Vista configuration, please let me know.


  • Hi Tony,

    Thanks very much for your reply. I didn't realise but I actually do have the Vista DVD! Anyway, I will do a clean install of Windows 7 from the boot menu.

    I think the virus has been removed by Kaspersky tools but I want to be sure...

    Thanks again for your advice.