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com surrogate has stopped working in Windows 7

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com surrogate has stopped working in Windows 7

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I am so frustrated with my new Dell computer.  I just purchased an XPS not even 3 months ago.  I am getting this message everytime I try to print from Excel, Word or try to retrieve a ready made project from Print Shop 2.0 and tried printing one time from Internet Explorer.  I have uninstalled every program I put on the computer since I bought it.  I have went back to factory settings, even went as far as installing all the drivers manually.  I still get the message popping up.  The only thing I have installed right now are the drivers and Print Shop 2.0.  I have connected wirelessly and even hard wired to the modem.  Nothing gets rid of it.  I have countless hours of the phone to Dell and on the interenet researching the problem.  I have the exact same programs on my laptop as on my desktop and I have never gotten the message on my desktop.  It is very annoying.  I am running Windows 7.  Anyone else having this problem on Windows 7?

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  • There are many internet posts, from all PC makers,not just Dell, and with XP/Vista/Win 7 with this problem.

    As you have reinstalled, I would reinstall back to the original Dell image - F8 at Power on POST will access the Dell PC Restore.  Restore the PC and DO NOT add any other software, printer drivers, etc.  Then see if you still get the error.  If not, start adding one program at a time, restart the PC after adding the program and then see if the error shows up.  If not, add another program or printer drivers for example, then reboot and see if you still have the problem.  If you do, you know the last thing you added is the culprit.

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