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system restore getting rid of virus's

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system restore getting rid of virus's

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hey guys does doing a full stock factory system restore get rid of virus/spyware?


will doing a system factory restore get rid of the google redirect virus?


i have a dell inspirion 1764 how do i restore my system to original stock settings?  do i need any boot discs or a serial number?


has anyone ever used the system restore to get rid of the google redirect virus or any other pesky malware/spyware?


(ps i tried all the tools tdskiller, malware bytes, avast, NO LUCK) so this is my last bet.



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  • The Dell PC Restore will reformat the hard drive and reinstall everything.  Assuming the virus or whatever you have has not infected other partitions on the hard drive it will get rid of any virus.   No discs are needed.

    How to run Dell PC Restore

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