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Inspiron N5010 screen brightness problems on Win XP

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Inspiron N5010 screen brightness problems on Win XP

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Seems like there are significant problems with screen brightness management on Windows XP with  Dell N5010 laptops. Function keys for brightness doesn't work at all.  Also, if laptop is running on batteries - screen brightness becomes very low, even if batteries are fully charged.
I really love WinXP, but this problem forced me to use Win7 on my laptop. If there is solution for this problem I would appreciate someone's help.
Best regards.

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  • Hi

    For the brightness control buttons to work on the keyboard we need an application installed.

    The QuickSet  <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed / replaced from this post by Dell> Application would enable the use of function keys.

    However this application supports both the 32bit and 64bit versions of Vista and Win7, Windows XP is not supported.

    To change the brightness level when the laptop is on battery we need to look into the power management option in the control panel, the default windows setting is to keep the brightness lesser when on battery to add a couple of more minutes to the battery backup irrespective of the charge on the battery.

    The changes can be done in power management

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  • Thank you for answer.
    I looked in detail all the options on power management window, but there's nothing about brightness adjustments.
    I'm still looking for help.

  • My apologies, please follow these steps

    1. Navigate to the "Control Panel" from the Windows XP "Start" menu.
    2. Choose "Appearance and Themes" when prompted in the "Category View" panel. If you're in "Classic View," choose the "Display" icon
    3. Select the "Settings" tab from the Display Properties window.
    4. Select the "Advanced" button on the bottom of the window. This will take you to your monitor's properties.
    5. Choose the "Color" tab if using a monitors with an ATI graphics card.
    6. Select the brightness scale and push or pull it until you are satisfied with the brightness of your screen.
    7. Press "OK" to set your brightness.


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  • Thanks for trying to help me.
    I don't have ATI card. I have brightness settings on "Intel HD graphics" software, but they don't change screen brightness via hardware, that's only software changes. It's really easy to notice that. I'm still looking for solution.

    I also tried to change "power plans", but still without success. Seem like screen brightness is under automatic control when laptop is using batteries (very low brightness) and I'm not able to take control over screen brightness of my laptop.

  • function keys F4-F5 or brightness or graphic driver

    To fix these problems i recommend to use the latest ati graphic driver. Still don't belive? )). Amd doesn't provide ati graphic drivers for laptops...but not for desktops! You just need to download your latest driver from and convert it to mobility driver(for laptops). After that you will be able to use the fresh driver and change brightness as me.

    1. Find your driver in (the name can have changed brand 530v=HD4300,540v=HD4500,550v=HD4650,560v=HD4670), in my case 550v, i downloaded for HD4650 - HD4xxx driver.

    2. Go to the convert utility (Mobility modder) and do all Instalitation steps

     - load MSXML 6.0 and install

     - run downloaded driver, after extracting files cansel process(don't install)

     - download the utility of modder and update extracted desktop ati driver

     - go to the device manager and right-click on Video Controller and then: Update Driver...=> No, not this time => Install from a list or specific location (Advanced) => Don't search. I will choose the driver to install. Choose "Have Disk" and then press "Browse". F.e.: C:\ATI\Support\Packages\Drivers\Display\XP_INF. I ignored warnings.

    3. Restart windows. Even you see new driver, don't relax. Catalyst doesn't work. You need to install it C:\ATI\Support\Packages\Apps\CCC\Core-Static\ccc-core-static.msi.

    4. Now you have installed fresh ati mobility.

    5. To change brightness go to catalyst control center > color > brightness > just do it ).

    Good luck friends! Sorry for my english ).