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DELL Inspiron N7010 Factory Image Restore

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DELL Inspiron N7010 Factory Image Restore

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Hi all,

I bought a DELL Inspiron N7010 laptop. It came with Windows 7 x64 Home Premium. The webcam wan't seen by the system, so

I installed Windows 7 x64 Pro but I couldn't install all the drivers - especially WLAN.

So I tried installing the Factory image. after a day of google-ing and formating/installing on the laptop I managed to install the Factory image on C:

BUT. after the restore was done, just when the windows logo starts to appear, I get a flash of a Blue Screen, then the laptop reboots.

After it reboots the start-up repair starts, finds a problem, but cannot repair it. so it keeps restarting.

I've tried hitting F8, system repair and using Dell Factory Image Restore again, it formats, restores, but after the restart the same thing happens.

Any ideas on how to make it boot properly?



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