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Installing Windows XP on Dell Inspiron N5010 Laptop

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Installing Windows XP on Dell Inspiron N5010 Laptop

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Hello everybody;

Below I tried to illustrate all the necessary actions that are needed to be taken to install XP on a N5010 laptop. I hope this helps:

1- Installation of XP itself:

You need an AHCI slipstreamed XP CD to install. You can also change the SATA Mode in the BIOS to ATA to use a CD without AHCI drivers but not recommended becasue it takes you two hours to install and once installed, the performance is like 486! I dont waste time to explain how to slipstream AHCI drivers to XP CDROM because it has been already explained in many posts.

2- Gathering and installation of the drivers:

A. Chipset Drivers from HERE. Reboot after installation.

B. Rapid Storage Controller from HERE. Reboot after installation. (Do not Miss it, very important. It has a  great effect on your hard disk and total system performance)

C. Intel Management from HERE. Reboot after installation.

D. Intel Graphics from HERE. Reboot after installation.

E. ATI drivers from HERE. This damn driver is too hard to install! It does not work automatically! Follow below instructions to install it (if you have intel graphics and already isntalled its driver, you wont need this driver at all):

- Extract the file. Do not try to install it, just extract to somewhere and remember the path!

- Go to the device manager and right-click on Video Controller and then: Update Driver...=> No, not this time => Install from a list or specific location (Advanced) => Don't search. I will choose the driver to install.

- Choose "Display adapters" from the list appeared and click Next.

- Choose "Have Disk" and then press "Browse".

- The driver path is cx420_avga... => 8.723-100406a... => Packages => Drivers => Display => XP_INF

- Press "Open" and the press "OK". You will see a list of ATI drivers.

- Scroll down until you see "ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470". There are 3 drivers for 5470, you choose the last one becasue the others do NOT work.

- You will see an "Update Driver Warning" message, press "Yes" and continue. Then you will see a "Hardware Installation" message, press "Continue Anyway" and go on.

- Your ATI graphics driver is installed now, but you need to change the resolution manually becasue the ATI Catalyst software is not installed and cant be installed (at least I couldnt install!)

F. Sound driver from HERE. (Thanks to  who finally found the AUDIO driver for n5010)

G. Now you need to install the HDMI Audio driver that is included in VGA drivers. Look at the Other devices in device manager and you can see "Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus" although you installed the sound drivers, well, this is HDMI Audio. Right clik on it and choose update driver.

- Follow these steps: No, not this time => Install from a list or specific location (Advanced) => Include this location in the search => Browse

- The driver path is cx420_avga... => 8.723-100406a... => Packages => Drivers => WDM => HDMI => XP

- Press OK and then Next and you are done.

H. LAN driver from HERE. (In my case, it was RealTek NIC driver)

Note: After you install this driver, the LAN device will disappear from your hardware list. Do not worry, it appears whenever a LAN cable is plugged to your laptop!!!

I. WLAN driver from HERE. This one is also damn hard. Mine was Broadcom and could installed only with below instruction. If yours is different you may find it easier to install. Follow below instructions for Broadcom WLAN:

- Excute the file. It will extrant itself to C:\swsetup\SP47152

- Go to device manager and right-click on "Network Controller" and then: Update Driver...=> No, not this time => Install from a list or specific location (Advanced) => Don't search. I will choose the driver to install.

- Choose "Network adapters" from the list appeared and click Next.

- Choose "Have Disk" and then press "Browse".

- The driver path is C:\swsetup\SP47152.

- Press "Open" and then "OK" and you will see a list of Broadcom WLAN drivers.

- Choose the 1st one that reads "Broadcom 4313 802.11b/g/n" and press Next.

- You will see a "Update Driver Warning" message, press "Yes" and you are done!

I hope the above can help all of the XP lovers to install their favorite OS on their N5010 laptops. I really enjoyed the smoothness and performance of XP on Quad Core processors despite all the negative things somebody say about XP on new laptop models.


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  • I have Inspiron N4010 i3 M350 with 3Gb RAM and 320 GB harddisk and want to install Windows XP on it, do the above steps applicable to my configuration also ?

  • Hi;

    The cheapset, rapid storage and intel managment drivers are the same for sure. As for the rest you have to check what is installed on your laptop. Use your service tag to see details about your hardware. is also a good source if you know how to get the vendor and device ID of your hardwares.


  • Hi Pouria.

    I just recently got a N5010 without an OS since my softwares wont work in Win7 thinking of installing XP, but found out the problems therein.   Just was hunting the web trying to find a solution and the drivers for xp and landed on this page.  When i went to download the drivers, i found some of the links leading to the intel site dont work anymore.  Greatly appreciate your effort in giving us a solution for the said problem, but would appreciate even more if you could please update those links.   Thanks in advance, and thanks for all the detailed instructions.

  • Hello;

    I am really happy to see that this post is going to help you install XP on your N5010. I checked the links and found out that Rapid Storage and Intel Graphics driver links are not valid anymore and updated them. The new links are now directly pointing to the downloads so easily click on them and save the file. Hope it helps, keep me updated.


  • Hello

    Thanks for your post and links. I just bought dell n5010 and i have win xp because I have some old software.

    I have problems with graphic card. I have ATI mobility radeon HD 5470. I downloaded drivers from your link. I did everything just you said but after selecting my card from the list I have error it said SETUP CANNOT COPY FILE ati2mtag.sy_


    Do you have any idea what is wrong?


    Thanks for your help.


  • Hi 

    Miha, Hope u are quite well , Miha  I also purchased the Inspiron n5010 and wants to install win-XP but it dose't Support the XP Driver which i have installed earliar.  Have you installed the Driver if you have the Drivers for n5010 then pls Send it to me my email id is - <ADMIN NOTE:Email Id removed per privacy policy>


  • Hello Miha;

    The file you mentioned is located in the following directory:


    If you can see it by browsing, it may have been corrupted, so try to download and extract the driver again. If you can't, then you might have extracted the driver incompletely. Use an extraxtor like winzip to extract it becasue sometimes when you extract by copy and paste method, some files are missing. I hope this helps. What about the rest of the drivers? Are you ok with them?


  • Hello SUDHAN SHOO;

    Did you bother to read the very first post of this thread?! I already put all the drivers for you. Please try them and I hope it can help you install XP on your 5010.


  • Hi pouria.pls help me to find webcam driver for n5010.for win vista & XP


  • Hello Mehran;

    You dont need driver for your webcam actually. Open "My Computer". Under the CD-ROM you can see a "USB Video Device". Double click on it and you will see your face on the screenSmile I left my phone number for you in a private message, call me if you still have problems.


  • is  bluetooth drivers intalled with wireless driver ?

    and how about touchpad drivers



  • Hi Pouria,

    I have got all the drivers from ur locations. But still there are few more thing i would like to know.

    I need to make my blue tooth working but u have not mention anything about that.

    So kindly provide info about it.

    And similarly could u please help me in getting the driver for Web cam.

    In a post u have mentioned as web cam does not need driver but I was unable to make it work...

    I would appreciate ur help on this regard as well.


    Thanks in advance


  • Really nice and detailed post, thanks a lot!

    Would you please be so kind to post a link to the proper AHCi driver for Inspiron N5010 laptop to do the slipstream? I tried to find, but finally I gave up. This would be a great help for me!

    Thanks in advance!

  • i am unable to install video and wireless adapter (wifi) drivers for xp, i installed 32 bit xp removing sata option in bios, plz help me to get these drivers, thx in advance and specially for this post and sols... Great work man...

  • Hello all;

    Sorry for my delayed reply as I was attending an exhibition for a few days. Krinolin, below you can find a very detailed step by step guide about making an XP CD with AHCI drivers:

    I hope it helps. I still couldnt find any specific drivers for the webcam, although my own 5010 doesnt need it at all and is working properly with the standard driver of XP. For the bluetooth I used below link and it worked for me:


    Give it a try and send me feedback.

    Please DO NOT disable SATA in BIOS for installing XP because it gives you awful performance, like a 486 PC. You have better follow the instructions in the link I offered to slipstream AHCI drivers. You will see the difference and get surprized. After that, please try to install drivers again, may I know your graphics chipset? Intel or ATI?