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No Windows 7 intallation disk supplied

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No Windows 7 intallation disk supplied

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I am very frustrated to find that no Window 7 installation disk is supplied with my recently purchased Dell Inspiron 1545.

Yes, I understand there is Dell DataSafe but this only recovers the disk back to the Dell "flavoured" Windows 7 (ie. all the trial and frankly nonsense software that I dont need).

The first thing I do with the laptop is wipe the disk and reinstall a 'clean' install of the windows OS, so I can work from the Windows 7 software that Microsoft designed.

After requesting Dell to send me a disk, the reply was go and load a copy from Microsoft (no link provided).

I feel cheated as I believe I have purchased a copy of Microsoft Windows OS from Dell and they haven't provided it.

Anyone else feeling this same frustration! Anyone get a copy of the OS from Dell?




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  • I don't understand companys' reluctance to include a disk - it's not just Dell.  There is no reason whatsoever for not including the disk.  None.

  • It is no longer necessary or even advisable to reload windows on a new computer as in the old days. Nowadays the operating system and all the programs are installed as an image on the hard drive. It would be counter productive to "wipe" the hard drive. That would disable all the diagnostics and the factory install image. The hard drive also contains a compressed image of the original installation and the means to make a recovery disk that is bootable. If you cannot make a recovery disk and need to reinstall on a new hard drive, Dell will send you the windows disk. Read this: Media Reduction.


  • Thanks Mary.  Allow me to play devil's advocate for a moment :) 

    • Diagnostics can be downloaded and run on their own - it is not necessary to have them on the Utility Partition.
    • DataSafe is ok if you don't mind burning - what is it - 4 DVD's, and over 2 hours to complete the recovery disk process?
    • DataSafe recovery disks can only be used on the system that created the disks.
    • The recovery partition takes up like 20GB - not as big a deal on a 500GB drive, but that's expensive disk toll on a 160GB disk - that's one less VHD you can have, the size of an average collection of camcorder videos and digital photos, an good-sized iTunes folder, etc.
    • Dual-booting breaks use of recovery partition.
    • A dual-boot life is much easier when XP is installed first - meaning you should wipe everything out and install what you want, and that you can't use either restore mode after installing XP.  (I'm not an XP fan, but it is a necessary evil in some people's lives.)
    • Recovery partition may be fast and easy - a much better alternative for many users - but there is no reason that reinstalling Windows 7 from a Windows disk would be inadvisable ... or unnecessary.
    • Losing programs included by Dell are not a big loss ... there are much better - and free - utilities out there than Roxio and PowerDVD.

    If  you're just going to buy the computer and use it like it is, then sure, it's ok, but "advanced" users need a little more flexibility in customizing their machine.  I realize that it is still possible to get the disks, if you push the issue or have a qualifying hardware failure, but for what little cost is associated with including a DVD, I don't see any good reason they should not be included in every box.

    I like Dell stuff, and I used to be a support analyst for Dell - I'm not trying to start an argument or belittle you or the company.  I just don't understand why they (PC manufacturers - again, it is not just Dell) are making such a big deal out of something so small.  Just include the disk!

    Zip it! (I'm done.)


  • Iv just been stung by this as well.

    Got a brand new XPS laptop and during the system build on the phone to a dell sales rep i was huming and haring about

    buying the oem media disk for an extra £4. Was then told by said rep that i could just go alone to MS and download a copy that

    would work with my CD key. well not do i feel stupid. Of corse this does not exsist and i have just spent 20mins

    on the phone to Dell explaining to them that this is what i was told and how do they plan to rectify this :(

    Turns out i had to spend an extra £19 to get the oem cd that should have come with the laptop in the first place.


    Oh well. also tried the links for the free 1x media but it was only for the US and im in the UK :(

    Rather upset about that but hey ho we learn.

  • Hi all,

    Thanks for your posts. I think those of us who wish the backup disk are in the minority; so we've lost our argument. If its about saving cost of producing and shipping backup disks then why not have an option, in the ordering section, that a user can select to have the backup disk (the default being no backup disk - if this suits the majority of users)? Or why not create a neutral copy of the OS in the backup partition and have an option on DataSfate that allows you to create a backup disk of the OS without all the unecessary software? C'mon Dell are you listening?

    For the future now, I'll be looking at laptop deals elsewhere, where I get the option to have an unaltered copy of the OS for the hardware I purchase. Dell doesn't tick the box for me on this.


  • I agree that having the disk is nice, but it seems all manufacturers I know of do the same as Dell.

    Do any major computer makers include the OS disk anymore? I'm guessing if any do, it is the small computer makers, where the overall cost would take away any convenience for having the disk iincluded.

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  • Then Dell take the lead:

    Offer a choice to your customers to have the OS pre-installed with all the extra Dell software OR to have the system shipped with no OS installed and the user can choose the desired OS disk. The user could even choose no OS and instead buy an OEM copy elsewhere. Then for the users who like to have control of the software they have on their system, can do so and then the majority (seemingly) can live with Dell's flavour of the OS. Dell still reap the cost benefits but provide an additonal service unlike the rest of the competition.

  • They all do, but someone started it, and everyone jumped onboard.  I don't understand their reluctance to provide a disk that cannot cost them even a dollar ... unless it is to make more money from it down the road.  I think we are in the minority because the majority of computer users don't know what has been taken away from them.

  • Some models of Dell laptops do include Windows installation disks. One was included with the Latitude that I purchased a couple of months ago. It was a good thing, too: the display was frequently hanging, causing Windows to forcibly restart the video driver. That problem has not recurred since I reinstalled Win7 from the DVD. Apparently something included in the factory install was interfering with the video driver.

    I don't know how you find out in advance which models include the discs, though.



  • I suspect all the Business lines include the disks, including the Latitude.

  • I recently purchsaed an Inspirion 15R. Dell sent me the Windows 7 cd only because when I received my laptop my recovery partition was corrupted. I guess to make up for it Dell sent me the windows7 operating system cd along with all the applications on cd. Plus They sent out a tech to change out my Hard Drive as well. Everything is up and running good.

  • As Mary pointed out, they will send the disk (as they are obligated as an OEM to do) if DataSafe Local or the Recovery Partition aren't functional/available, including when the hard drive dies.

  • If the business lines are shipped to businesses, they are unlikely to want install disks. Large organizations create custom images that suit their own purposes. Many wipe the disks on arrival.

  • This is an add on to recovery CD's but it seems appropriate. IF you did create Recovery CD's (DVD's) and restored the hard drive, if the original Dell order was for a version of Microsoft that was paid for on the original order, will the Office Software be created on the recovery CD's? How about recovering from the Recovery Partition? This becomes very important if the hard drive needs replacing.

  • hi eeyenlex..... m also purchased dell n5010 with windows 7 but haven't given me the cd....