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Wake up from sleep problem -windows 7

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Wake up from sleep problem -windows 7

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Monitor display will not wake up after sleep.


I recently purchase Dell Inspiron 570 with AMD x4 (630) processor with Windows 7 (64bit) OS. Everything worked great except for the Power program. Once in the Sleep mode, it will appear to wake up the computer via the keyboard or mouse, but not the Monitor display. Strange because the amber light on the monitor turns white but computer does not activate any display.

The amber light on the computer turns white with mouse movement, but apparently the computer is only activating part of the wake up sequence. I tested to see if the computer would accept key board strokes (even though the screen was black) using “Windows key” >”taping the right arrow 3 times” > and then the ” r “ key. My desktop set up is such that this should have restarted the computer if the machine was loaded minus the monitor signal. No response. Even though the computer light is white, I now wonder if the hard drive actually cranked back up?

I have device manager configured to allow the keyboard and mouse to wake up the computer, but those hard shutdowns with the Power Button are not the way too go.

My research so far shows that this is a wide spread problem, and I have tried various suggested solutions (ie changing power settings, http://www.vistax64.com/tutorials/63567-power-options-sleep-mode-problems.html ), but the only thing that keeps this machine up and going is a high performance setting...no sleep ...no hibernation...no hybrid sleep. I don't like this kind of work around and hope someone has found the answer as to why this happens to some Windows 7 computers and not to others.

I had been using two inexpensive emachine desktops with AMD x2 processors and never had this problem. One was upgraded from Vista to Windows 7, and the other upgraded from XP to Windows 7 with never a single glitch. My Dell ST2310 monitor work perfect with the old machines so don't think it is a monitor problem.

I hope this is not a Dell hardware problem, and can be solved with some register hack or firmware change. Would appreciate any New information on the Bug.

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  • I found my error and the problem is corrected for now hopefully.


    I commonly use a KVM switch to connect two computers to a single Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse. The KVM is switched by Clicking the “Scroll Lock” key on the Keyboard. The Dell 570 has problems with this switching under certain steps in the power setting sequence. The problems only seem to happen when the machine in the “Sleep” mode. If the KVM is switched when machine is OFF or in Hibernation everything works OK... as the computer can not sense the “Scroll Lock” key action.


    This is what I now do that works. (no KVA involvement, and Power setting at default “Balanced”)

    When computer is in Sleep mode, do one of the following to wake it up:

    1. Click a key on the Keyboard. (ie spacebar)

    2. Move the Mouse around, or...

    3. Press the Power Button (do not hold it in) Warning... however, if the computer is active and not asleep pushing the power button will but the computer into Hibernation.

    The Power Button is Amber when in Sleep Mode.

    The Power Button is White when awake and Active.

    The Power Button is Off when in Hibernation.

    When computer is in Hibernation, Press the Power Button (do not hold in) to bring out of Hibernation.

    To put computer into Hibernation, Press the Power Button (do not hold in).

    The Power Button light is off when in Hibernation (same as when computer has been shut down, but pushing the button again results in a “resuming windows” condition rather than the regular Boot (startup) process.

    Time will tell.

    Chastom (aka chast)

  • Well, the problem returned worse than ever ! Everything seemed to work normal except the monitor would not display. Monitor power button turned white and back lights on the monitor activated but no display...just a black screen. Computer light up, normal loading flashes and hard drive hum.


    So...out of frustration, I downloaded the latest Catalyst Control Center (CCC) from AMD (10-7_vista64_win7_64 dd_ccc_enc) http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/windows/Pages/radeonaiw_vista64.aspx?type=2.4.1&product=&lang=us&rev=10.7&ostype=Windows%207%20-%2064-Bit%20Edition


    ...and Installed it. Some said to install over the existing CCC, some said uninstall the old CCC first, some suggested uninstalling the CCC and leaving it off and then download and install the AMD driver pack only. I opted to uninstall the old 9.7 CCC version and then Install the New version CCC 10.7 version.


    My Power problems are now solved and machines (2 identical 570 AMD quad core) and Monitor load right up. I have no earthly idea how this is related to the monitor wake up action...but it worked for me and I just wanted to pass this along in case there is some other person out there pulling their hair out.


    Just remember to reboot between actions, and to open Monitor in the Control Panel when finished and detect and then click OK on the Monitor settings page. Otherwise the task bar may be only partially visible, and screen streatched vertically.


    If anyone has an understanding as to why this AMD driver has had that effect on Power action control, please let me know. I'll post back if the problem ever returns.


    I personally disabled and turned off any thing that deals with hibernate. With the way I use computers it is just not a practical desktop feature. A little sleep time is ok thought.


    Inspiron 570 desktop

    Windows 7 Home Prem 64bit

    6 gig ram

    AMD Athlon II X4 (630)

    ATI Radeon HD 4200


    chast (aka chas)