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Dell Inspiron 570 won't wake-up!!!

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Dell Inspiron 570 won't wake-up!!!

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     I have a contenueing problem with my computer not restarting from sleep mode. Once it goes into sleep mode I should be able to hit a key to wake it up, but this is not happening. Instead I get a littel bell ring and nothing else, blank screen, thats it !! I have to power the tower off and restart to get it going again. Does anyone have a fix for this problem?

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  • List everything plugged into the PC and to what ports. Has this issue been around since you unpacked the PC?

  • Hi Chris,

    I have the same problem as the last posted, mine is a new inspriron 570 bought a couple of weeks ago, my machine conection is very simple, dell ST 2210  monitor (used VGA connection to main box), mouse and key board (both USB connection), and network cable to DSL box. The sleep time setting is 2 hours. I found when my machine is in sleep, both main box and monitor lights are yellow, when use mouse to wake up the machine, the both lights is white, machine seems running, but monitor is black. it happended a couple of times, every time I have to power down the machine, restart it, the machine seems working again, this show that all the connection is good.




  • Cris M, I don't know how find the name of each port. But the mouse keyboard monitor and DSL are plugged into the ports specified in the users setup manual, and yes, the issue has been around ever since I bought, brought home and unpacked the system 14 days ago.

  • I called dell TI support team last night, one support guy connected to my machine and loaded some driver and then did some settings in my dell power option,

    screen saver after 30 Minutes

    PC sleep after 45 minutes

    hard drive sleep 1079 Minutes

    now if my machine is in screen saver mode, I can wake up my monitor by mouse or key boad. if my machine is in sleep mode, I can wake up my machine and monitor by key board or power button.

    the dell tech person told me that if hard drive is in sleep, I can only wake up my machine by power button, not key board or mouse. that is why the setting for hard driver sleep time is kind long. 


  • I had the same problem and Dell sent a service Tech who replaced the motherboard AND the hard drive (under warranty).  The tech told my wife how to connect the old HD so I could transfer data and programs, but the 570 won't recognize the second drive.  Any thoughts?

  • I had exactly the same problem with my Inspiron 570, and tried for weeks to fix it.  I spent several hours on the phone with 2 or 3 different Dell tech support people, all of whom tried to fix it, to no avail.  Finally, I ran some sort of Windows troubleshooter to find the source of the problem.  Unfortunately, I can't recall how I found the troubleshooter, but I do know the two things it led me to change, at least one of which solved the problem: (a) I turned off the screensaver; and (b) I updated the driver on my display adapter (the ATI Radeon HD 240).  It's been well over a week since I made these two changes, and my machine wakes up right on cue every time.  I made both of these changes at the same time, so I can't say for sure which did the trick, or whether both were required.

    In case it is any use, here is a list of what I can remember the Dell techs had me try:

    • upgraded my BIOS (they did this remotely)
    • changed my power settings, to let the computer sleep after X minutes (10 in my case, but whatever you like should work), AND:

    hibernate - never

    hard drive sleep -never

    turn off monitor - never

    (note: your hard drive will still sleep and your monitor will still go black when the PC sleeps)

    I'm not sure how important any of these other things were, since nothing solved the problem before the two steps mentioned at the outset, above.  However, these settings are obviously not causing any problems, because I still have them in effect and am not having any problems getting the PC to wake up.

    I hope this helps.