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Other Devices Drivers Missing after Clean Install of Windows XP Pro

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I just did a clean install of Windows XP Professional on my Dell Latitude D620 laptop.  All of my device drivers were installed except those that are in the "Other Devices" driver category.  In other words, I am missing the following drivers:

1) Ethernet Controller
2) Network Controller
3) O2Micro CCID SC Reader
4) PCI Device
5) SM BUS Controller
6) Video Controller (VGA Compatible)

What is the best way to install these missing drivers?  I have the "Drivers and Utilities" CD that Dell provided, so I will try that first.  But, failing that, is it better to have Windows search for the missing drivers or go to directly to the Dell website for the D620?  And, if I go to the Dell website, should I be downloading drivers based on my service tag or the more generic section that provides all drivers ever offered for the D620?


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  • When you reload XP you need to reload your drivers according to THIS

    Go to the Drivers and Download page and use the service tag option to access the files for your system. DO NOT use the download manager. Use the download via web browser option

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  • Your disk should be fine.   Install the notebook system software first and reboot and then chipset next and reboot.  All the other drivers on the disk or on the site can then be loaded in any order and just boot at the end to activate them.  Go to and yes enter your service tag if you want more recent drivers there..

  • Dell is updating its driver site so some files are missing.  This should be overcome soon but can be an aggravation.

  • Follow my clean install of XP wiki for full installation instructions, it may be found in my wiki list below:

    As for drivers you need:

    R181862 Dell Notebook Software

    R153997 Intel Chipset

    R234854 Intel Video or R224634 nVidea Video

    R167368 Conexant Modem Driver

    R147123 Conexant Modem Application

    R148605 Conexant Modem Utility

    R147130 Conexant Modem Diagnostics

    R151327 Broadcom Ethernet Driver

    R151334 Broadcom Ethernet Application

    R151336 Broadcom Ethernet Diagnostics

    R126815 Dell Wireless Card or R257701 Intel PROSET Wireless (I would get latest version from the Intel Website here)

    R171789 Sigmatel Audio

    R165804 Touchpad

    R167661 and R181542 Bluetooth 360

    R180759 Dell Quickset

    R154200 Intel Storage Manager Driver

    R154198 Intel Storage Manager Application

    R153262 Kwoles Acoustics

    R182329 O2 Micro

    R173506 UPEK Driver

    I have experienced problems on the new format when inputting the Service Tag. Instead select the system via the model.




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    Windows Reinstallation Guide and Related Wikies See here for other wikies such as Customising and Using Windows 8.1, Dell Wireless Cards and Unofficial Drivers.

  • Hi:

    You are lucky to have the resource disk with the drivers.  You need to install the drivers that are checked.

    You need to install the Notebook System Software first.  It is under utilities  on the disk.  This is important.  Install it first and reboot.  Next go to drivers and install the chipset drivers and again reboot.  Now install the remaining drivers that are checked, in any order and when done reboot so all will be installed.

    If that does not resolve all your issues is the Dell driver site and once there  click on support for small business and enter your service tag for drivers and downloads.  You will see a complete list of drivers for four your system.  The network driver is usually the Broadcom.



  • I have the same issue but can't find the drivers on the site and now the site wants the computer to have access to the internet to use the stupid download manager but I can't get on the internet with no drivers - this is like morons are in charge...

  • Use the Dell ftp website:

    Download the drivers on another computer to USB and then install in the correct installation order:

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    Windows Reinstallation Guide and Related Wikies See here for other wikies such as Customising and Using Windows 8.1, Dell Wireless Cards and Unofficial Drivers.