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can my system run a 64 bit OS

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can my system run a 64 bit OS

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I have a dell XPS with a Processor, 80547, Pentium 4 Prescott Dt, 640, SKT-T, Male running BIOS A04 I would like to upgrade to a 64 bit system to enable all of my RAM.....I have 8 gigs installed and my XP home 32 bit only uses 3.2 of it and I would like to upgrade to XP PRO 64 bit is this possible?

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  • jim4171960,


    For memory, try running the tool at Crucial. It will tell you how much memory can be installed on that computer. I cannot tell you about the processor.





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  • Jim,

    Have you run the Microsoft's  Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor yet? This will tell you what you want to know either 32 or 64 bit and what your hardware and/or software issues might be.

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  • Per Intel themselves, the 640 does have a 64-bit instruction set, so it should be able to run a 64-bit version of Windows 7. As for the usability of trying to run Windows 7 on a Pentium 4, I'm not sure.

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  • XP Pro 64 is a not a good idea -- even if it runs, you're going to have driver-support problems.  There is a host of equipment that doesn't and never will have XP64 drivers.

    If you want to run a 64-bit OS, use Vista or 7.


  • I've never had a problem running XP x64, but I know my hardware (chipset, videocard, soundcard, networkcard, etc) exactly, so I go to the manufacturer of the underlying hardware.


    XP x64 is the exact same OS as Windows 2003 x64. The only kind of devices that took a bit longer to get drivers for were soundcards, as a server tends to have no use for a soundcard, so making drivers for a server OS is usually not high on a manufacturer's list of priorities. My Logitech webcam as an example had XP x64 drivers on the Logitech site the day I bought the webcam.


    As for the OS itself, XP x64 is rock solid and I really like it, but I did upgrade to Windows 7 x64 on my systems. My 'slowest' system I have is running an E5200 or so (dual core @ 2.5GHz). If I had a system like your though, I'd recommend to go XP x64.

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  • My system can handle the 8 gigs but I must be running a 64 bit OS

  • XP x64 is 64-bit. But do you really need 8GB? It's like buying a car that can do 150 MPH; barring some odd situation, you probably will never get to use that capability.


    If you're doing 3D CAD work, run multiple memory hungry applications at the same time, do video editing, or things like that, you may never actually use more than 2-3GB (don't look for unused memory in Vista or 7, as they will fill up everything with pre-cache data anticipating future use instead of showing you how much you really aren't using).

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