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Can anybody tell me whether the Inspiron 560 desktop comes with proper Windows 7 disks (I believe Dell refer to these as "reinstallation" disks) or just "restore" disks?  I'm considering buying an Inspiron 560 but the ability to do a complete format and clean reinstall of Windows (like this) after purchasing is quite important to me.  I don't just want to be able to "restore" the system complete with preinstalled junk.  I will be buying from Dell's UK store, if that makes any difference.

I've tried Dell's customer support line, but they appeared to be unable to give me a straight answer, which got me a bit worried: "Does the Inspiron 560 come with proper WIndows disks?" "The disk offered is a restore disk." "Can I do a manual reinstallation of Windows with that?"  "You can do that with a reinstallation disk."  "Does the Inspiron 560 come with a reinstallation disk?" "It comes with a restore disk." etc...

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  • piptheyounger,

    If you oder a computer from Dell you will receive the Win 7 Reinstallation Disk. You can  do a complete install with this disk. Other disk shipped as well are the Drivers and Utilties disk and Applications Disk.

  • My Dell Inspiron 560 did NOT come with Windows 7 OS disks, nor a recovery disk.  Instructions state that user must create recovery media.  I have attempted to create both the recovery disks (DVD's) and to create a recovery image with the recommended 8-GB flash drive; all following the Dell instructions and using the Dell backup software (of which I purchased the premium upgrade).  The DVD's and the USB image both fail to boot properly.  I'm going to have to call Dell support to see if they can help me get this working, as I do NOT want to be left as I currently am, with no means to fix this system if it ever fails.

  • US customers, can request a set of discs HERE   There is a minimal charge for the discs. 


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  • If you get your Dell in the UK you will probably not get OS disks but if you report the disk as missing from the order, Dell will contact you to tell you that you do not need an OS disk.  If you tell them that you do need it , they will send it to you  - at least that was my experience. Initially I thought they would not send them as I didn't get any response to my "missing disk" message - but they were just a little slow getting back to me because of a technical fault.   A


    If you order in the US  you will not get OS disks but if you can request them using a special form on the Dell US site..

  • IaninSuzhou

    If you get your Dell in the UK you will NOT get OS disks and Dell will NOT supply them, even if you request them.  If you order in the US  you will not get OS disks but if you request them Dell will send you the disk.

    I have to disagree here as on two occassions, one with a new system and the other with an outlet system, I called the dell support line for the OS disc and the end result in each case was  I got a dell oem OS disc sent to me.