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Upgrading Dimension E510 to Windows 7

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Upgrading Dimension E510 to Windows 7

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I have a dimension E510 and i am trying to upgrade to Windows 7. I begin to load the software. During the installation process, the CPU reboots and the computer locks up with the screen going black with the works "Starting Windows". Any suggestions? Has anyone been sucessful installed Windows 7 Upgrade?

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  • Hello nrite

    I did a windows 7 upgrade on my dim E510 and it worked fine. Did you upgrade your video card and memory?

  • I have 3.6 GB of RAM and an ATI Radeon X300 SE 128MB video card. Both passed the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor test.

  • That seems strange, my ATI Radeon X300 SE 128MB would NOT pass Vista Upgrade Advisor. That's why I upgraded it.

  • do you think if i upgrade my video card windows 7 will work?

  • Hello nrite

    I can't really say, but it works good on my E510. Only problem I had was getting drivers for my printer.

    The video card I upgraded to is the ATI Radeon HD 2400 PRO and it seems to work good without

    having to upgrade power supply.   Hope this helps.

  • I have an E510, that was upgraded to Vista 32 bit.  The 32 bit Windows 7 should work, with the 32 bit Dell Vista drivers, but as there are no Dell 64 bit drivers I wouldn't attempt to upgrade to Windows 7 64 bit.  I don't plan on upgrading the OS to Windows 7 on my E510 as I now have a home built system that is my "primary" PC. 

    I would suspect, as noted, that the video card you have needs to be upgraded for Vista/Windows 7 and the Aero features.  I upgraded the video card in my E510 to an NVIDIA 8600GT a long time ago and it is Aero compliant (and works with the stock power supply). 

    In addition to the Video card, if any programs were flagged by the Windows 7 upgrade advisor as either not compatible or must be uninstalled and then reinstalled after the Windows 7 upgrade you need to do whatever is stated BEFORE going on with the upgrade or it will fail.  Same way with any other hardware.  I've done two Windows 7 installs on my own systems (a laptop upgrade and a complete new install on my desktop) and worked with several of my clients over the phone on upgrading and the best advice is to follow the Win 7 instructions exactly and as noted take care of any items before continuing with the upgrade.

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  • Are you doing the upgrade from within Windows?  A clean (custom) installation might work better--definitely faster. If you're running XP, you MUST do a clean install. However, you will have to reinstall your programs and data.

  • I'm having the same problem.  Did you get it to work?  All parts in my e510 are stock Dell components.  Called Microsoft support - they said to reformat the hard drive but got the same result.

  • Dude i know this sounds crazy but does your e510 have a diskette drive if so disable it unplugg the lil ide ........Thats what i did i know i know but a persons dimension im working on had boot up issues in general like as if the hd was unstable or going out. and know win 7 32 bit tho works fine ive even been restarting every Call of duty Mw2 match lol so about every 10 to 15 and perfect boot every time idk worked for me maybe for you too oh yeah and before the clean install xp game me the bsod and safe mode failed too |- diskette drive- | pfffft please