Dell XPS 420 Vista Ultimate 32 bit upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit

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Dell XPS 420 Vista Ultimate 32 bit upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit

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I am looking to upgrade my Dell XPS 420 to Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit, however I have a few questions that I cannot get a clear answer on.  My computer has cleared the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor for upgrade, however a Dell technician says that my drivers do not have support for Windows 7 and to contact Dell on Call to figure this out.  

I would rather not have to pay per minute to resolve this possibly non existent issue, and am wondering if anyone has upgraded their Dell XPS 420 successfully, and what I may need to beware of compatibility wise.  

Also, if I were to upgrade to 64 bit support, does the 64x upgrade include a clean install ability (because I am running 32x), or must I purchase the full version of Windows 7?


Thank you very much for any help!

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  • If you're upgrading from 32-bit Vista (or XP), you must to a clean install (select the "Custom" installation option during the install process). And, yes, it is possible and legal to do a clean install with the upgrade media if you own Vista or XP.  

    I doubt you'll have any problems with drivers; Win 7 seems to have most of what you need.  The appropriate Vista drivers (32- or 64-bit) will work for Win 7. Also, run Windows Update after you install. It will offer updated Win 7 drivers in many cases.

    Here are clear instructions for almost any upgrade scenario you can think of. Much better than any help you'll get from calling Dell.

    Just remember that you'll have to reinstall your applications and back up your data if you do a clean install rather than an upgrade from within your current OS.  But the clean install is the way to go... and MUCH faster.