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Installing Windows7 on Dell Precision 690

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Installing Windows7 on Dell Precision 690

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I want to install Windows7 Ultimate x64 on my Dell Precision 690 and don't know what do I need.

What drivers? I was on a support dell site in Driver section and only thing I get from there is confusion.

Can anyone help me with that?




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  • Since there are Vista X64 bit drivers listed on the Drivers and download page, that would mean you can run x64 bit Vista, and since 7 is vista on steroids it should work.

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  • I had no problem installing Windows 7 Ultimate on my Precision 690. Windows installed all of the necessary drivers with the exception of the ethernet card which is not supported for 64 bit. I replaced it with a wireless PCI card. I do have a problem with my SATA storage drive going offline when I am transferring pictures from my camera and at other random times. Sometimes the "found new hardware" wizard pops up with the drive after some period of time, otherwise I have to restart to get the drive back. So far all else is working great.

  • I,m having a srieous problen when installing windows 7 on my precision 690. The machine just freeze during expanding  files.Any suestions?


  • Could it be your Windows DVD?  Where did you get the media?  You might try installing with a USB key ...


  • Hi,

    I tried the install with the usb, and I have the same problem, the installation process just stop during the expanding files operation. I tried to install the linux distribution only to see if the probleme is on the hardware, and everythings work fine, so I think the problem is windows, and maybe the drivers. I downloaded the drivers for  chipset X64  windows vista, and nothing's work.

    Need heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!


  • Here is an idea ... this worked once on a machine that kept stalling out on me.  Reinstall whatever OS originally came with the machine, then run the CD from Windows.  You will have the option of doing a "clean install" of Windows 7 from there.

  • no way, unable to install win7.

  • The 690 didn't ship with Windows 7.  What I'm saying is install XP or Vista - whichever it shipped with, run the CD, and choose a clean install of Windows 7 from there.