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Too many 16-bit programs running

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Dell Inspiron 530s  Vista Home Basic OS  3GB Ram.  My computer has been running very very slowly and I recently got an error message that I 'had too many 16-bit programs running and that I could make an adjustment under 'Files' (???).  I don't know how to find 'Files' and also how do I determine which programs are 16-bit or too large so that I many uninstall or disable these programs (or remove them from Startup???)  Also there may be processess that I could stop but I don't know which ones are system files and I am afraid to stop the ones I need.  Please advise.

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  • I am getting no responses to this inquiry....can anybody help?  Did I phrase the question badly?

  • 16-bit applications do slow your processor down.  You have to modify you PIF file or launch the program using the /separate switch.  With it all said and done, you can normally right click on your application properties and select make app compatible.  I am sort of rusty at this but I have dealt with the problem.  Why are you using 16-bit applications on a 32-bit OS?  Are there any updates for your apps.