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DELL C610 Driver Installation Order

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DELL C610 Driver Installation Order

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I pull down from DELL site the driver installation order for a C610.

This is the configuration

6        LAT C610 1.2Ghz/14.1"SXGA
6        Lat C610 14.1" SXGA LCD
6        Latitude C610 Kybd US Int
6        Doc Latitude C610 EUR
6        256MB 133M SDRAM Memory Latitude, 1x256
6        30GB IDE Hard Drive, 9.5mm
6        8X DVD Media Bay Module
6        DVD Decoder S/W
6        Int Modem D'card 56K, NETHERLANDS...
6        Logi USB 3 Btn Optic Mse
6        Mouse Pad with Dell Logo

I do not have the installation disk for this machine and have purchased Windows XP for the machine. I have downloaded all the driver downloads available for the C610 that are mentioned on DELL website.


1)Should I burn all these on a CD and install after Windows is installed? What is the best way to do this?

2) Chipset Category mentioned in the list for C610 on the Driver download page appears to have nothing. Where do I find the necessary drivers mentioned?

3) Anything else I should know in this proceedure?


Thank You :-)

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  • Hi Shakespear2


    Assuming you haven’t changed original Latitude C610 system build (hardware device spec)

    Then you need to establish make/model of devices installed to know what drivers are required


    If you are able to boot to present OS (assume it’s original preinstalled Windows 2000?)

    Then you can use the Dell System Configuration Tool but will need Service Tag for your Latitude C610

    If you don’t know the Service Tag, when you enter System Setup (BIOS) it appears under System Information


    Alternatively download (free), install & run Belarc advisor from, a tool that many Forum members use/recommend

    Belarc advisor will provide you with details of your present installed software & more important your present system hardware so you can identify required drivers


    If you don’t know system hardware then you will have problems selecting correct drivers from the multiple choice of possible system build drivers


    Regarding chipset driver, you have two options


    1. If doing a clean install of XP Pro, ignore chipset driver & see if any problems after installing XP


    Dell have not included the driver for XP OS platform because they have either not tested or provide an updated version for XP or it isn’t required

    If you go back to Dell Drivers & Downloads web page & change the OS platform to Windows 2000, you will see a (2001) chipset utility for Intel Mobile Chipset (not the version required for XP)


    2. If you have the Intel 830M chipset then look here for XP Pro versions


    Personally I’d try option 1 & check your Windows XP installation


    Some users slipstream Dell drivers, Windows & other software on one CD/DVD but if you can identify correct Dell system drivers, keep it simple, just burn them to a CD (as instructed) & insert that CD when prompted as part of the Clean Install process

    If not already seen, carefully read & follow the Dell Support step-by-step procedure here


    If you have added any hardware, you will obviously need to reinstall specific manufacturer drivers if not XP native


    Reply if you require further clarification/help



    I greatly appreciate your input on my problem.

    As things stand I can not boot-up the laptop even into SAFE MODE. Thus the decision to clean install but this time to XP. Hardware on this machine is original. Nothing new here.

    Using UBCD4WIN I can boot-up from a CD and I am able to access the machine. One of the programs on the CD allows me to look at the laptops hardware configuration as well as other system information. It appears that I have : North Bridge: Intel i830MP Revision A6  , South Bridge - Intel 82801CAM(ICH3-M) Revision A6 mother board :-)  CPU is Mobile Intel Pentium III 1200 MHz.

    As to the drivers. I downloaded everything DELL has for this laptop but am unsure how to make a CD of this as some of the files are EXE. Is the idea to have them on the CD and then execute them after installing XP? I ask this as I recall that in Windows when drivers are updated Windows asks where to look for the drivers and am sure it will not fire a EXE file to get what it wants.


    Thanks for your help :-)

    PS: Should I perhaps just back up all the system directories onto a CD and let Windows search through it to find what it wants when looking for drivers? There isn't that much there that would not fit on a DVD.

  • Quote, “I downloaded everything DELL has for this laptop”


    If you mean all 80 files, then NO & if still not sure which drivers are required, try this?


    If you don’t know the Service Tag for your Latitude C610

    Enter System Setup a.k.a. BIOS settings (normally done by pressing F2 key during boot process) on your Latitude C610, under System Information take a note of the Service Tag


    Then go to the Dell Drivers & Downloads web page & enter your Service Tag

    This will indicate, “as shipped” information reducing multiple-choice build problems & default to original preinstalled OS platform (Windows 2000?)


    Now use the drop down menu in OS platform box to select XP

    It will still show reduced multiple-choice drivers, in fact some drivers are probably missing, marked (zero) e.g. the chipset driver, for reasons already explained

    If you click the driver + sign it will likely say something like “no drivers are available”

    Under these circumstances the user normally has to source drivers themselves, common where a user wants to change to say VISTA OS & Dell Support has ceased providing driver technical support for multiple OS platform choice 


    But I’m 99% sure you won’t need the chipset drivers for the XP install


    Once you know what drivers you need, follow the download instructions mentioned for each driver


    On the computer you are using to access Dell Drivers & Downloads, create a folder, something like C610 Drivers

    E.g. C:\C610 Drivers, then use this as the Save As destination for each download


    Since each Dell download will be called something like Rxxxxxx.exe

    Then you need to either take notes or rename the Rxxxxxx part of exe file to something more meaningful or create sub folders in the C:\C610 Drivers folder e.g. C:\C610 Drivers\Video Driver, C:\C610 Drivers\Audio Driver etc… & download each driver into each relevant sub folder

    You now know where each driver is


    After that’s done burn a copy of C:\C610 Drivers contents to a blank CD


    Use that CD to install required drivers in the correct order (think you know the order?)

    Insert the CD when required & open the relevant created driver folder & double click the downloaded exe file & follow the on screen instructions to install

    Repeat for each downloaded driver, if prompted, you may have to reboot between each driver install?


    After completing XP & Dell drivers install, open Device Manager & check if any missing/problem drivers


  • Hi Bell Boy

    I do have the Service Tag.

    I have downloaded all the drivers and will do as you suggested.

    BIG Thanks :-)

  • Hi again Shakespear2


    Good news then Wink


    Some other advice, best not install flash BIOS update until everything else is done

    Even then if your system is running without problems, suggest you first read the download Fixes and Enhancements information before deciding to install any updated flash BIOS download

    You can always revert to “Other Versions” but keep the changing of BIOS versions to a minimum, otherwise if something goes wrong during install you could have major problems  Lightning


    Good Luck YesBig Smile