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How backup files before a Dell Factory Image Restore in Vista Home Premium? (without DVDs or external HDD)

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Hi I have a Dell dimension 9200 with Vista Home Premium, and planning to make a Dell Factory Image Restore, but i have like 70 Gb of files (music, pictures, movies, etc..) that dont want to be deleted durind the restoring proccess and want to use, all this files, after this process again. But, also, dont want to backup my files with dvds(which will take several disks) and also dont want to buy a External HDD just for this.

So, any solution to how back up my files without involving DVDs or external HDDs and then perform a Dell Factory Image Restore on my PC? Thank You

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  • Chac_f1

    Go out and buy and external hard drive with a USB connection.  I am afraid that as far as I know, there isn't any other way. A Factory Image reinstall wipes out any and all changes made to your computer since you got it. That includes downloaded SP's and updates.

    Back up all your stuff there. Don't forget to export your contacts, your favourites, and save your Documents folder as well as anything else important to you.

    Mine is a 320GB Maxtor that the computer picks up as an additional drive.  No software to load or run.  Just a drive with space.

    I have done 2 Factory Image reinstalls and have almost 10  years of photos and 600 CDs on mine..

    Saved my bacon I tell ya..

    Good luck