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Windows update crashes dell studio 1535 laptop

  • I just got a new Dell Studio Line 1535 laptop with Vista on Monday. When I first turned it on I was able to do all of the updates with no problems. But for the past two days, every time I turn it on it tells me I have updates, so I go and download them and install them. Everything is fine until I reboot. Then it crashes. I get the blue screen of death, then the black screen of death. It says to click to restore to an earlier date, I do that and it goes into an error. I'm not sure what to do about this. I don't want to just never do any windows updates again and with a brand new computer I shouldn't be crashing on a daily basis. Can anyone help? I don't know if I should call Best Buy or Dell. I don't like calling Dell support because I can't understand a word they say. I haven't taken out the extended warranty yet, but had planned to in the next week. But sure don't want to pay money for it if I'm going to have to return this to the store. Any advice would be appreciated.
  • Try to install the updates one at a time. You may find one is a problem. Install the others and delete the bad one and let it download again.

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  • Check out this thread:



    Disabling the webcam worked for me.  I then took the time to install the latest driver and haven't had any more update problems.  Tuesday's and Thursday's updates installed just fine.

  • Thanks for the link. I would of never guessed it could be something like that. I'll try it in the morning and let you know how it worked.

  • I disabled the webcam in device manager. Then I downloaded the updates one at a time and so far so good. The only update I didn't install was Microsoft Silverlight. I looked it up and it doesn't sound like something I need, then I did a search on my computer and I can't find it so I'm not even sure if I have it to begin with. Does anyone know if it's an important update?
  • I am having the same problems except now it wont let me on at all! It justst re-routs me in circles. Startup Repair. Startup Repair did not work. Start up repair. Startup Repair did not work. Over and over. It wont let me passed this. Can someone PLEASE HELP!! I only got this thing two weels ago!!!

  • Edit -- My original post is below, but I seem to have solved my problem and can now update Vista without crashing and without disabling the web cam.


    My Studio 1535 with 64-bit Vista Home Premium was purchased from Best Buy. It crashed pretty much every time I installed a Vista update.

    Disabling the web cam before updating worked for me as it did for the earlier poster. I disabled the web cam in the Device Manager, installed updates then enabled the Web Cam.   But there seems to be a stable solution available. 

    Dell has an updated driver for the Web Cam (Version I installed it and was able to install the Vista updates I previously hid without disabling the Web Cam. I also updated from BIOS A05 to A06 but I believe it was the driver that solved the problem.

    My Original post:

    You should be able to boot from Safe Mode. F8, once it boots in safe mode reboot. I have had the same problem and Safe Mode worked for me.

    I just sucessfully downloaded and installed the video camera update. So maybe that was the problem.  Won't know until anothe update is available. As I said in the earlier post, I disabled automatic updates.

     Here is the gist of my earlier failed post.

    Automatic update downloaded 5 updates last night. This morning when I rebooted I got a Blue Screen.

    Automatic repair attemts failed. F8 allowed Safe Mode Startup. From Safe Mode I rebooted. I turned off Automatic Updates and installed each update one at a time. Each update resulted in a Blue Screen. F8 and Safe Mode let me back in and allowed the next update.

    Now all updates are installed, but I don't know what will happen next time.

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  • Yes I as well have the same windows vista update problem.  Very new to this forum and wish didn't have to use it so bear with me.  Dell tech support hasn't been much help.

    Where would I find this new dell driver for the Web Cam (Version and how do you install it.

    Since these posts were from last year has your computer still been blue screen free?

  • The latest driver from Dell would be available on the Drivers & Downloads section of the support site.

    You can request replacement reinstallation media for US purchased systems here.
    Dell Drivers & Downloads for all systems.

  • I'm having very similar chronic blue screen stop errors on my Studio 1737 similar to what has been described here.  Vista 64 Home Premium SP1, right out of the box it threw a blue screen error IRQ_NOT_LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL upon rebooting after installing windows updates.  Trying safemode or last known good configuration also would throw the same error.  The only fix was a factory restore and upon reinstalling all of the same windows updates the system rebooted again without issue so I though it was an isolated incident.

    I ultimately had to upgrade the OS Vista 64 Ultimate SP1 for domain logon reasons and all was good.  I booted from a USB flash drive with Ubunto installed and when I rebooted again to go back to windows I got the blue screen error again.  Same steps as above were attempted to fix this but failed.  I had to boot from my Vista 64 Premium SP1 disc and run the windows repair wizard which seemed to fix the issue.

    Last night being concerned that based on other internet forum posts that there was chronic issues such as this with units purchased from Best Buy I ran a full hardware diagnostic using the Dell provided utilities which seemed to find no issues.  To further try to prevent issues from happening again I tried installing all the updates available from the Dell support page and got the same blue screen error again installing the Windows Vista SP1 Feature Pack for Wireless.  This one was a bit confusing because based on my service tag information it appears as an update applicable to my system, however, upon inspecting the installation logs the final entries state that it does not apply to my hardware and had to abort.

    If anybody has any ideas as to what is going on here I would be extremely greatful.  My biggest worry is that I bought this unit to take with me on computer repair service calls for my business and that I'm not going to be able to count on it to work as expected seeing as how this issue has already happened to me 4 times in the only week I have had the unit.  I have resorted to traveling with my Vista install disc in the drive in case of problems.

  • I've tried every way I can think of to locate this Web cam driver.  Just can't find it.  The drop down boxes provided no help so I searched by name.  No luck.  I just hate it when I feel so stupid.  It seems like it would be so simple and obvious.  Would it be possible to post a link?

  • In case you haven't solved this, go to:

    select drivers and downloads and enter your service tag ( from the label on the bottom of your laptop)

    Leave catagory and importance "all"

    Under input device drivers look for:

    Creative Labs - Driver     Applies to: integrated web cam

    The current version is:

    and is listed as Urgent.

    I have an earlier version and, since the problem I had last year has not recurred, I'm functioning under the concept of "If it ain't broke..."  

    Dimension 8300 BIOS A07
    P4 2.6GHz
    Maxtor 6Y080L0 (80 GB)

    SB Live, NVIDA GeForce FX 5200
    DVD +R/RW; nec nd1100a
    Display: E171FPB (17" Flat Panel)

    Notebook Studio 1535

  • The same problem as above, blue screen of death, then the black screen.  I wasn't able to restore.  Called Dell support and waited for at least 30 minutes for a Rep to answer then after explaining several times what was happening he transfered me to another Rep, then another Rep, then the phone dropped out.  I emailed Technical support and finally got some advice which none worked.  Finally an alert Rep said that the hard drive was bad and they would send another which they did.  I installed the self supporting hard drive which took almost two hours to set up the computer, but  now the computer works normally.