Hi smart people


I know this may be asking a lot, but im working on recreating the DSR on a new drive, you see a while back another inspiron i owned suffered a failed drive, i got round the problem by installing XP pro onto a new drive but it doesnt have the DSR.


Ok so i investigated the DSR and found a great website with all the information i need to recreate it and have in part recreated the DSR on a new drive, i own a full working inspiron so im not breaching any copyright as far as i can see by attempting this.


The thing is the partitions are formatted and work with the DRMK ( i believe this is Dells answer to MSDOS and is used to get round the licenseing issue), i can partly recreate it with MSDOS and it works but i want to be able to format and sys the partitions with the correct software.


Is DRMK available via Dell or not i suppose is the question, all i need is a bootable disk with format and the sys command on it really.