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Trying to restore factory settings

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Trying to restore factory settings

  • HI I have a Dell Latitude D820 and wish to restore my machine to factory settings.  I have done this once before but ended up using the supplied Dell Windows Vista Business CD/DVD to restore the OS.  I wish to use the recovery partition but when I go into the recovery options either through F8 or through the CD there is no option to perform a Restore to Factory Settings and the packages do not find a complete backup.


    How can I restore using the recovery partition - I am missing some software or settings or something?


    Can anyone help?



  • The system restore uses the Recovery partiton on your hard drive is it still in place ?   On my XPS 410 it drive letter D:


    I used it a couple time when I first bought my XPS 410 and it worked ok for me.  Forget the exact steps to us it but did it both ways from Boot up off the CD or the OS.

  • Are you following this procedure (steps 3 through 6)?
  • Hi yes I have the partition however I don't get the option in Windows Vista Advanced Recover Options (Via F8 or my media) to complete a Dell Image Restore :(  Is my only option now to use the media to restore my machine I really wanted to use the partition (D:)
  • Rebel9 yes I have tried those steps but don't get the option number 6 Dell Factory Image Restore.  It's not in the list :(
  • Wow - that's strange. If that procedure won't work for you, then I assume you've looked at this article?
  • Hi I hadn't seen that article will try it now.
  • Hi tried that one too - no PCRestore command so I cannot restore that way it looks like I'm heading towards having a redundant recover partition and I guess I'm going to have to just do a clean install of the Dell Issued Windows Vista CD/DVD :(
  • Well it certainly looks like there is a problem with your recovery partition. At this point, I think I agree that a clean install of Vista is the only other alternative. Having dispensed that bit of wisdom (:smileyvery-happy:) , I would strongly recommend that you proceed as follows:


    1) Reinstall the OS

    2) Install all of relevant drivers

    3) Download and install SP1

    4) Purchase and install an imaging program such as Shadow Protect or Acronis True Image.

    5) Create a backup of the complete system.


    There are several variations on this procedure (eg. install your AV -  AntiSpyware apps, install & update any software apps, setup your internet connection, email configuration, etc.) before you image the system for the first time.


    Now, you will have a starting point if you ever have to do this again, and a restore will be a simple 15 minute procedure. This is your choice obviously, but I think it's pretty failsafe and can certainly save a lot of grief in the long term.